A French Beauty Icon Predicts the "It" Color for Fall Makeup

J'aime l'abricot!

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Not to sound like a sentient Pumpkin Cold Brew or anything, but it's baffling that fall isn't everyone's favorite season. Comfortingly heavy leather jackets, deep and moody manicures, and vampy lip colors all become fair game, and it's a very welcome reprieve from the sweltering, makeup-melting reality of the summer months. Regardless if you're freshly back to school or well beyond it, the other best thing about autumn is the slew of new beauty trends that start to make their appearance. We've seen a preview of what the season holds for natural hair, nail polish, and hair colors, but it's time to see what's in store for fall makeup.

To celebrate the launch of her new limited edition By Terry Bonjour Paris V.I.P. Expert Eyeshadow Palette ($56), complete with plenty of seasonal tones, Byrdie exclusively tapped legendary French makeup artist Terry de Gunzburg for her fall beauty predictions. Keep reading for a sneak peek at autumn's biggest makeup moments, along with plenty of application tips and techniques.

Meet the Expert

Terry de Gunzburg is a makeup artist with over 30 years of experience working across runway and editorial. She launched her own collection of luxury products, By Terry, in 1998.

The "It" Colors for Fall

"I have become totally obsessed with different shades of nude," Gunzburg tells us of her current favorite color scheme. "It's for sure a universal trend, and nude is your new best friend for all types of beauty looks." She recently launched her Hyaluronic Hydra-Balm Lipsticks ($38) in six stunning nude shades that work for all skin tones. "They're beyond perfect for fall as they are super hydrating (infused with hyaluronic acid), and come in deeper nudes that will look stunning with fall fashion," says Gunzburg. Plus, they can also be used as a creamy blush to match the lip for a monochrome look. As for the one color she'll be wearing all season? "I would say my ‘it’ color for fall is the shade Tea Time, which is a warm apricot nude," Gunzburg shares. "Perfect for an afternoon tea with friends!"

For the rest of your makeup look, Gunzburg recommends taking a cue from Mother Nature. "Think about nature and natural tones of autumn that you see on your fall walks," she says. "Rich warm tones are the perfect colors to gravitate towards for an autumnal look. This new palette is ideal for the season since it includes rich golds, coppers, oranges, and bronze tones to match with whatever fall fashion look you are wearing."

Her Go-To Eye Look

"My favorite eyeshadow shades have to be coppers or deeper nude brown tones," Gunzburg tells us. "I love to use these in fall especially to create an effortless smoky eye or a metallic winged eyeliner with a wet brush." The makeup legend says her new eyeshadow palette is a fall must-have. "The V.I.P. Expert Bonjour Paris Palette is particularly special," she shares. "It's very versatile and many of the shades can be used as a glowing blush, highlighter, or natural contour."

By Terry V.I.P. Expert Bonjour Paris Palette
By Terry V.I.P. Expert Bonjour Paris Palette $56

The Secret to Making Shadow Last

"Prepping the eyes for eyeshadow application is key," Gunzburg explains. "I love to use the Ombre Blackstar Cream Eyeshadow ($38) as the perfect base under eyeshadow to help hold everything in place." To complement the new palette, she uses the Ombre Blackstar in shade Blond Opal to brighten and prime the eyes before going in with the deeper copper tones. "My palettes have silicia microparticles, which create a mattifying, long-lasting effect which is fabulous if you are doing your makeup to last all day and night,"says Gunzburg.

For beginners, she offers this tip: "If you feel insecure with colors, textures and brushes, just use your fingertips. It’s very intuitive and gives great results." You can also use a light concealer—like her Hyaluronic Hydra-Concealer ($45)—to "enlighten the eye contour and hydrate" before using your shadow. "Applying a natural tone as a base helps to make the color pop," Gunzburg shares.

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