Why the Shaved Head Is This Summer's Most Liberating Hair Trend

“If it feels right, go for it. It will grow back.”

Buzz Cut


The last year hit the world like a wrecking ball, and it left many people feeling, for lack of better words, defeated. “A lot of people feel a bit weighed down amid the pandemic—how could they not?” Reuzel founder Robert-Jan Rietveld shares. “It's been an awful time in so many ways.” 

I can admit that I felt something quite similar. With the need for a refresh from the monotony of sheltering-in-place, I decided to spend the morning of Independence Day 2020 getting my tresses shaved by my favorite barber: my dad.

The feeling of watching my hair hit the floor was almost indescribable in the most positive way possible. If I had to put the experience into words, I would say I felt free and at peace as if a weight was lifted off of my shoulders—or head rather. This renewed feeling was precisely what I was hoping for.

The Look

Nearly a year after my "big chop," I noticed a growing trend of celebrities also ditching their long locks. Of course, this inspired others to break out of their comfort zone and commit to making the radical cut. “A drastic haircut can often symbolize a new beginning, and I think that’s why so many people are opting for cropped looks,” celebrity hairstylist and Instagram creator Nathan Juergensen tells us.

At the top of this year, Pose star Indya Moore bid adieu to their famous voluminous curls and hasn’t looked back since.

Like mother, like daughter. Together, Jada Pinkett Smith and Willow Smith also flaunted their new twinning haircuts on Instagram. The adorable photo garnered well over 500K likes. 

Model Iris Law took the clippers to her head earlier this month and evidently loved her new cut (and so are we!).   

Though not new to the edgy look, Gossip Girl actor Jordan Alexander always keeps things fresh with her super short hair.

It Isn’t Just Celebrities

Others are taking to TikTok to film the process of their fresh fades. There’s even a sound on the app encouraging people to be daring and try the bold look. “Buzzcuts and short hairstyles are liberating and empowering; plain and simple," hairstylist Cindy Marquez explains before adding, “It helps you to find your inner boldness because your face is front and center—and everything else is just an accessory."

Many of the captions of the TikTok posts also urge watchers to try the style—especially since you only live once (YOLO). “Cutting all or most of your hair off has always been a way to refresh and renew, so I'm not surprised to see the big uptick in buzzcuts and shaved heads,” Rietveld admits. 

Why People Are Chopping Their Tresses

We can't automatically assume that the shaved head trend is directly related to being cooped up for an extended period of time. But, there is something restorative and freeing about making big changes to your appearance in uncertain times. “I think we’ve had such an intense two years with the pandemic that it makes sense for people to want a hair to cleanse or reset,” stylist and creator Erickson Arrunategui tells us.

If your hair feels like it weighs you down, then shaving it all off may be just what you need to feel invigorated again. “A lot of us left lockdown with too much hair to deal with, so there have been many calls for a fresh start with a crisp, short haircut,” Juergensen tells us. “Several clients have wanted to feel control or experiment with a fun new look after a tough year.” 

The Ultimate Power Move

Besides the changes of the past year, Rietveld believes the abandonment of gender norms is fueling the rise in freshly shaven hair, too. “Cutting all your hair off is a true badass move,” he says. “For a lot of people, especially for women, traditional beauty standards have dictated how you 'should' wear your hair, so saying 'f**k that' and cutting it all off is an awesome way to take back the power.” 

What To Expect

From my experience, I’ve learned that short hair is fairly carefree. If you decide to join the short hair nation, I highly suggest you make a plan for how often you'll get touch-ups, as well as to think about whether you'll want to rock the look long term. 

This is also a great time to repair your hair. “A big chop is like hitting the reset button for your tresses. Regrowth allows you to also have a clean canvas to help recreate your overall look,” Marquez explains. 

I cannot agree more. Personally speaking, since cutting my hair, I have noticed my strands are far more nourished and, of course, easier to maintain.

My big question: Will you be trying the look?

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