Behold: Team Byrdie Shares Their Favorite Burgundy Nail Polishes

Model with burgundy nail polish touching her face


Burgundy nails are quintessential fall. True, there's no written rule that says we have to save our favorite shades until the leaves turn and chillier temperatures arrive, but it's kind of like listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving; it just doesn't feel quite the same (though, by all means, to each their own). While there are plenty of other dark and ominous hues like navy, charcoal, and chocolate, nothing will ever replace the spot our favorite burgundy nail polish has carved deep within our heart.

However, that doesn't mean each shade and formula is created equally. There have been plenty of times we've swiped on a polish that appears promising only to end up looking like an extra on The Walking Dead. Yes, that's (certainly) a vibe, but it's not entirely what we're going for. And since we know we're not alone, we thought we'd round up the tried and true burgundy nail colors that never let us down.

Keep scrolling for six flattering shades our editors' think work best for their skin tone. 

Jinsoon Audacity Nail Lacquer -
JinSoon Nail Lacquer in Audacity $18

Skin tone: light to medium with warm undertones

"My nails are currently painted this color, if that indicates anything. JinSoon's shades are always so unique and flattering, and this deep burgundy-wine is my go-to for the fall and winter months. It's not too dark, not too bright, and makes your hands look really elegant. Plus, I've found that it lasts longer than most other nail polishes."

Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish in Gala-Vanting $12

Skin tone: fair with cool undertones

"I just recently tried Gala-Vanting by Essie and have fallen for it hard. I typically stick to light, neutral shades on my nails because my skin is so fair and dark shades tend to wash me out. However, the blue undertones in this burgundy polish complement my skin tone and flatter my hands, even when they're under winter's torment."

OPI Nail Polish in Guys and Galaxies $6

Skin tone: dark with warm undertones

"I naturally gravitate toward this polish every holiday season because it feels festive, but it isn't your basic burgundy. I always look for tints of brown in deep red shades that will complement my dark skin tone. This sultry shade is the perfect blend of burgundy and chocolate brown for my nails."

Nail Polish
Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Lover's Creep $18

Skin tone: light with neutral undertones

"I'll admit that part of the appeal with Smith & Cult is its beyond-gorgeous packaging and super-luxurious formulation. (It layers so satisfyingly smooth.) However, though I'm a huge burgundy polish fan and have tried nearly ever shade known to woman, I've found Lover's Creep to be one of the most flattering colors for my nails. I have neutral undertones, so whether you veer warmer or cooler, it's the perfect moody antidote for fall and winter."

Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Rouge Noir $28

"This Chanel polish is a classic—and a personal favorite—for a fingerful of reasons. One, it takes way longer than most other polished before it starts displaying wear and tear, and the chip-resisting formula is enough to love on its own. The color is also fantastic and flattering. I've seen all my friends wear it at some point or another. It's rich, vampy, and attention-grabbing."

Essie Nail Color in Carry On $9

Skin tone: light with cool undertones

"It's certainly hard to choose a favorite deep, purple-y fall color. There are so many pretty options. This one is especially rich in hue, it applies with a really great color payoff, and it makes me feel fancy every time I look down at my nails. It's the perfect fall-to-winter burgundy color when you're feeling moody."

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated. 

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