26 Screenshot-Worthy Burgundy Nail Looks We Love

Even the smallest beauty indulgences can positively impact our mood in a major way. There's something special about having our nails done that makes us feel so perfectly put together. If you're like us, in the midst of a stressful day, a quick glance at your nails can give you a subtle, slightly subconscious sigh of relief, especially if they're a timeless shade like burgundy. It's a quintessential fall nail color, but who really follows those rules anymore?

Since the single hardest decision you'll face during your trip to the nail salon is choosing your color and design, let us take a load off your back with these wine-colored nail designs you can't go wrong with. Keep reading for 26 of our favorite burgundy nail looks to try now.

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Ruby Red Half Moons

Burgundy nails with red half-moons at cuticle


Half-moon nails for the win. Pair a deep burgundy with a fire red and look at how gorgeously the two worlds collide. 

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Burgundy Triangles

Pale pink nails with burgundy triangle detail


This high-contrast burgundy nail idea is a cinch to DIY. Start with a pale pink base (we love Olive & June's 7-Free Nail Polish, $8, in GH), then use a thin striping brush to paint the burgundy shade of your choice diagonally across each nail. Finish with topcoat.

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Square Details

White nails with purple rounded and burgundy square alternating tips


Here's another cool take on half-moon nails with another shape in the mix: mini squares. Play with shapes and shades because as you can see, this color family looks good together. 

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Half and Half

Negative space half-and-half burgundy nail look


Sometimes creating a stunning nail look doesn't even require painting each nail entirely. With this burgundy nail idea, you can keep the color to one side of each nail for a negative space appeal.

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Minimalist Aztec

Dusty blue manicure with burgundy Aztec stripe and triangle detail


If you're looking for a way to elevate a dusty blue shade, add a line or two of gorgeous ruby color. 

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Burgundy With Outlines

Burgundy nails with thin blue outline on tip


For the minimalist at heart who loves understated designs, this one's for you. Elevate your oxblood mani with a neutral sapphire hue.

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Curved Tips

French manicure with light blue and burgundy double-layered curved tip


Remember: Modern French tips are super in. By layering two contrasting colors, you'll be able to really nail the trend.

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Gold Flakes

Burgundy and pink nails with gold flakes


Burgundy is gorgeous all on its own, but add gold flakes and the shade is even more eye-catching.

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Glitter Burgundy

Burgundy manicure with glitter accent nail


Is anyone else getting festive vibes? No matter the time of year, we love how this glitter accent nail elevates an otherwise simple burgundy nail look.

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Holo Maroon

This holo design is a stunning take on maroon.

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Oxblood Tips

Light neutral nails with burgundy curved accents


If you want to rock the dark nail color but aren't ready to douse your entire nail in the moody hue, consider this nude and burgundy option. Start with a nude base and use a striping brush to paint on the burgundy accents.

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Near-Black Burgundy

A near-black, sangria-colored mani always wins. With long almond tips, this set is extra fierce.

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Gray-cream manicure with burgundy tiger stripe detail


Feeling wild? This minimalist tiger look might be right up your alley. Fortunately, it's easy to DIY: Start with a nude base and use a striping brush to create two slightly curved burgundy stripes on two nails.

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Neon Contrast

Bright blue nails with burgundy side half-moon


Neon paired with deep shades feels so right sometimes. Go the unexpected route like this design and try a bright aqua next to a sultry wine hue. 

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Burgundy Hypnosis

burgundy nails with gold line swirl design


Looking to make waves with your manicure? This hypnotic gold and burgundy nail idea will do the trick. Start with a burgundy base and use a toothpick to trace metallic gold squiggles to your liking.

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Matte Mahogany

Experiment with matte textures in this color family. Like this design, marry a matte mahogany red with the rest left shiny.

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Empty Hearts

Burgundy and black nails with negative space heart accent


We're suckers for negative space, so it's no wonder this empty heart design caught our eye. Pair the burgundy accent nails with black for a little extra contrast.

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Oxblood Plaid

Burgundy and green manicure with plaid accent nails


This luxurious oxblood design is a modern take on the traditional plaid nail look, and we're here for it.

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Light and Dark

Burgundy and lavender abstract negative space nails


This stylish nail design is incredibly easy to recreate. Start by painting on a lavender tip. Once dry, top off with a burgundy triangle. Pro tip: You can use striping tape and a striping brush to perfect the straight edges.

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Lilac Accents

Burgundy and lilac negative space manicure


Burgundy's rich depth makes it the perfect pair for lighter colors like lilac. To DIY this look, start with the geometric burgundy tip, followed by a swipe of lilac underneath.

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Burgundy Squiggles

Light pink manicure with burgundy squiggle design


Who knew squiggly lines could look so chic? We love how the burgundy contrasts against this pale pink mani.

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Two-Tone Tips

French manicure with two-tone black and burgundy tips


These modern French tips keep color to the end of the nails while opting for straight (as opposed to curved) lines. In other words, they're easier to recreate than traditional arced French manicures.

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Leaf Details

Featuring standout gold leaves, this burgundy manicure is perfect for fall events when you crave a little extra flair.

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Negative Space

Burgundy negative space manicure with alternating center blank space


Let the trendy burgundy shade speak for itself by copying this head-turning negative space manicure. Given the intricacy, your best bet is to enlist the help of a manicurist.

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Chevron Trio

Clear, red, and burgundy chevron manicure


The extra-straight lines of this chevron manicure might call for a professional, but you can try to DIY with striping tape, three polishes, a basecoat, and topcoat.

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Burgundy and Red

Clear nails with burgundy and red double-stripe design


The trick to creating these super-straight lines is to paint against striping tape. Use two pieces to section off each stripe. Once dry, remove the outermost tape and move it over to create a stencil for the side-by-side stripe.

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