15 Bucket Hat Outfits You Haven’t Tried Yet

For an extra bit of UV protection, add a bucket hat.

bucket hat


When it comes to sun protection, we’re well aware of its vital importance and the countless sunscreen products on the market to add to our daily routines. But few methods of sun protection happen to also be a major accessory trend. Enter the bucket hat.

The soft, wide-brimmed hat checks all the boxes for practicality: It shades your head and eyes from direct UV rays, it’s lightweight, and most styles can easily fold away into a carry-on if you’re traveling. But the bucket hat also brings to mind plenty of iconic fashion from early ‘00s pop stars and ‘80s hip-hop legends to the titular character of the ‘60’s sitcom Gilligan’s Island. With so many inspired references to pull from, it’s no wonder the styling potential for this summer accessory is endless, too. Ahead are 15 ways to wear bucket hats in 2021 that will satisfy your creativityand your dermatologist, too.

The Crisp White Dress

Pair a classic and crisp summer dress with a playful bucket hat—this one happens to be reversible and terry cloth, too—for an ensemble that can be worn any day of the week.

The One-Piece Swimsuit

Personalize your take on the timeless, black one-piece swimsuit with an oversized button-down layered on top and a floral bucket hat.

The Special Occasion Dress

Yes, even the most special occasions call for a chic means of sun protection. This neutral canvas hat completes the look without competing with the brightly colored midi dress.

The Hiking Ensemble

Don’t head out for your next nature walk without a wide-brim hat (and a very generous slathering of SPF).

The Vacation Dress

Getaway packing should be kept very simple: a low-maintenance shirtdress that can be dressed up or down, an easy carry-all that goes from the beach to dinner, and a chic, woven bucket hat that helps keep your hair and beauty routine low maintenance.

The Monochromatic Look

Beaches and bucket hats go hand-in-hand. Kick it up a notch for your next trip to the shore with a head-to-toe coordinated look.

The Light Layers

Looking pulled together on the hottest summer days calls for using breezy layers of neutral garments. The addition of a vacation-ready hat is just the cherry on top.

The Knit Set

This knit, monochrome set is cozy yet elevated and pairs perfectly with a sleek, contrasting hat. The logo-detailed straps add a sweet touch, as well.

The Printed Top

Get creative with prints and pair a floral crop top with a tie-dye bucket hat. Unique stud earrings also add an extra bit of intrigue to this outfit.

The Back-to-Basics Moment

We’ll never get tired of the combination of high-waist denim shorts and a relaxed-fit, light-as-air tee. It’s also the perfect base for showcasing one of the summer’s most eye-catching crochet bucket hats.

The Travel Outfit

Travel outfits should be unfussy, comfortable, and practical. This lightweight jumpsuit is a no-brainer option, especially with a coordinating hat that can pack away into a tote bag when you’re out of the sun. 

The Romantic Dress

For a daytime wedding or more formal affair, Prada’s faux-raffia design makes for a statement accessory that pairs effortlessly with sleek sandals and a sweet, ruffled-neckline gown.

The Loungewear Ensemble

The combination of embroidered bucket hat and colorful, plaid slides is too good. You could dress it up, but pairing it with cozy shorts is just as satisfying.

The All-Day Bikini

Double up on stylish sun protection with a statement-making bucket hat and colorful lens sunglasses.

The Classic Tank Top

The essential white tee gets an upgrade with a Cross Colours bucket hat and handsfree belt bag. The easy, weekend-ready look comes together with your favorite comfy shorts or jeans.

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