Bubble's New $20 Night Mask Gave Me Bouncy, Glowy Skin

Bubble skincare over night mask


If you’re a millennial, chances are you spent your youth thinking of skincare in two categories: The exciting, effective, and pricy offerings you could only find online or at higher-end stores, and the efficacious—but totally utilitarian—affordable products you could pick up while grocery shopping.

Thankfully for the younger generations, one doesn’t have to sacrifice shelf appeal for skincare that actually puts in work (seriously, y’all don’t know how good you have it in that department). One such brand that is bringing effective skincare with style to the market is Bubble.

Launched by founder Shai Eisenman, Bubble specializes in plant-based, science-backed, vegan, and cruelty-free products offered at prices around the $20 mark. And through its website, the brand makes sure its community knows how to use its products, too, offering a skin school that helps people figure out their needs and build an effective, easy-to-follow regimen.

And starting October 30, Bubble fans will be able to add one more destination to fill up their shopping carts: Ulta Beauty. “We've previously launched in mass retailers like Walmart and CVS, which was really geared toward us ensuring that we were one of the best quality, efficacious, affordable, and accessible non-toxic, cruelty-free vegan products on the market,” says Eisenman. “However, Ulta opens up a new demographic to us, one of true beauty enthusiasts and those looking to experiment with new products. With this expansion, we're now available in over 9,000 retail doors and on four different websites (including our own), ensuring that we can reach a wide net of consumers—all of which are our core demographic.”

Alongside the Ulta expansion, Bubble is also launching its newest product, Over Night. I got my hands on the mask ahead of the October 30 launch, read on for everything you need to know, plus my honest review.

A swatch of the Bubble Over Night mask


The Product

Bubble is all about effective, fuss-free skincare that’s easy on the wallets of its Gen Z customers. The brand eschews regimens with double-digit steps for a simple four-step skincare routine: Cleanse, Treat, Moisturize, and Protect.

Over Night joins the Level Up Balancing Gel and the Slam Dunk Hydrator as part of Bubble’s Moisturize family. While the former offers oily and combination skin types lightweight hydration, and the latter restores nutrients to dry and balanced skin types, Over Night works for them all—but particularly those with sensitive, irritated, and dry skin. “Our community… told us their skin looked tired, dull, and dry whether from their environment or stress,” says Eisenman. “We decided to give them an overnight solution that would allow them to wake up looking brighter, hydrated, and rejuvenated.” 

The Formula

The Over Night mask is anchored in ingredients that help keep the skin hydrated, including sodium PCA. Sodium PCA helps attract water and keep it in the skin, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is generally very well tolerated—basically a win/win/win situation. Also on the ingredients list: Soothing arnica and gentle exfoliants mandelic and kojic acid. “All of these ingredients combine so that skin looks and feels brighter, hydrated, and refreshed,” says Eisenman.

And thanks to the gentleness of the ingredients (studies have shown that mandelic acid in particular is much more gentle than many of its exfoliating counterparts), the Over Night mask can be used a few times a week. “It is best used at most two to three times a week on clean, slightly damp skin,” Eisenman advises. “Forgo any aggressive activities like retinol or exfoliating treatments, so that Over Night can work its magic alone.”

My Review 

Bubble's Over Night Mask in the author's hand

Eden Stuart

I applied Over Night at the end of my skincare routine, after double cleansing and applying my serums for the evening. For some reason, I was expecting a gel (don’t ask me why), but the formula is a thin, smooth lotion; I would say it’s a pretty elegant formulation, especially considering the price point. I felt the moisture instantly: While it did dry down quickly, it felt a little wet on the skin when first applied (which I vibed with, personally). The next morning, I definitely felt that my skin looked healthy and bouncy—though full disclosure, my skin is currently in a relatively unproblematic state to begin with. Given that the Over Night mask is so accessible, both in terms of the $20 price tag and the retail availability, and the quality of the ingredients, I definitely think this one is worth checking out.

Overnight is available on hellobubble.com and ulta.com starting October 30.

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