This Brow Hack Changes EVERYTHING

Here’s how I like to think about eyebrows: If your face is the picture, then the brows are the frame. They're that important and deserve extra TLC—which is why in addition to encouraging growth, I always take a couple of minutes to fill them in, even if I’m just heading to the gym. (I’d sooner groom my brows than put on concealer or mascara.)

Which is why it was so mind-blowing to learn that I haven’t been grooming my arches in the most effective way possible. Though I’ve always applied gel from the front of my brows to tail, Maybelline global brow expert Maribeth Madron tells PopSugar that the best way to do this is actually in reverse: starting from the tails and working your way in. This way, she says, you really coat the entirety of each hair, adding more definition and holdwhich then means that your arches don’t require as much pencil and/or powder (even less if the gel is tinted).

After putting this theory in action, all I can say is that my routine just got way easier—and that my brows have never looked so good. Nothing beats a game-changing hack that requires no extra cash or effort, right?

Have you tried this method of applying brow gel before? What’s your favorite brow hack? Tell us in the comments below!