From 1920 to Now: The Epic Evolution of Eyebrows

Full, natural-looking brows are such a sought-after look nowadays that a world where pencil-thin brows were en vogue seems like an impossibility. (Though we here at Team Byrdie, children of the '90s, have photographic proof of said brows… *shudder.*) Because we got a little too tweezer-happy as teens, it’s a miracle we were even able to grow back the arches we’ve come to know and love today. (Tonya Crooks’s Brow Enhancement Serum, $95, may have had something to do with that.)

The transition from plucking the life out of our brows to wanting them to be as full as we could humanly grow them is an interesting one—a transition that’s ebbed and flowed throughout history. For the past century, we’ve seen brows go from long and thin to arched, from bushy back to thin, and on and on. But to get an actual visual of these transitions, we rounded up the various brow trends from 1920 to now. Keep scrolling to see for yourself!

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