6 Long-Lasting Brown Mascaras for a Subtle Lash-Lift

We're obsessed with mascara—it opens up our often tired-looking eyes, creates that ever-elusive doe-eyed effect, and finishes off any eye look we're going for. And while those super-saturated, inky blue-black mascaras have their place in our hears, we're also partial to a brown mascara. The less severe shade allows for a more natural look, especially for those with light hair. A daytime look to black mascara's nighttime, if you will.

Plus, everyone's lashes need a little something different. Perhaps you're looking for more length and aren't worried about added volume. Or you need something waterproof to get you through a workout or particularly humid day. Mascara is not one-size-fits-all, after all. So, instead of choosing just one favorite, we came up with six of the best formulas on the market. Without further ado, find our favorite brown mascaras below.