How the Brown Kids Have Mastered the Art of Minimalism and Living Intentionally

"When it comes to our lives, I feel you deserve so much more than vicious cycles. It takes gentle determination to reach the aspirations we hope for ourselves, even minimalism," Roe of Brown Kids wrote on one of her Instagram captions. These simple yet profound words describe the journey of the Brown Kids: a black couple who identify as minimalists and are advocates of living intentionally. You're probably wondering, what does minimalism even mean? It's a word that has been used loosely and can be associated with many frivolous things. Oftentimes, minimalism is solely viewed as getting rid of things. However, to Roe—who is one half of Brown Kids with her partner, Erin, also known as "E" on Instagram—it means the complete opposite. The couple has cultivated a large yet somehow close-knit community on social media because of the way they choose to live their lives. They're on a mission to reach financial freedom and celebrate liberation along the way. 

Think: What's truly important to you? It's a critical question I've been asking myself since my conversation with Roe. It's the question that drives her and her partner's life, except they choose to place value in the things that matter to them, not in what society has conditioned us to believe are valuable—this is how they live intentionally as minimalists. In a bustling world that can often feel full of noise, it's easy to get distracted, which in turn will sway your choices. Roe is all about "getting clear."

Ask yourself this: How often have you read about minimalism from the black cultural perspective? As this article from Pacific Standard magazine questions, is minimalism meant for black people? "Black communities have long practiced core tenets of the lifestyle—yet are not well-represented among its most recognizable influencers," the article states. A scroll through social media will show that the community of "minimalists" are predominately white. In an underrepresented community, the Brown Kids have remained authentic and held on to their truth. Below, Roe, a brown woman, shares her honest thoughts on minimalism and living intentionally.