10 Eye Shadow Colors Every Brown-Eyed Girl Should Own



Similar to the way oval faces work with nearly any hairstyle or method of makeup application, brown eyes are easily complemented. In fact, the artists over at Alima Pure told us that brown eyes can wear virtually "every color of eye shadow." But before you close your browser and say, Well, that was inconclusive, there are definitely certain shades of eye shadow that bring out the otherwise concealed chestnut and honey undertones of brown eyes. Green, hazel, and blue eyes are always hailed as being the prettiest eye colors, but brown eyes are equally deserving of attention, in our opinion. And what better way to shine a spotlight on them than by playing them up with makeup?

Below, you'll find the shadows that transform brown eyes into multidimensional glimmering gems (we sound like we're embellishing, but just wait until you apply the pigments yourself). Keep scrolling to find out which shades are the most flattering.

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This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated by Hallie Gould.