PSA: You've Been Getting Your Brows Waxed All Wrong

Ah, brow waxing. It’s a scene we’re all too familiar with: You lie down on the table, wait for the technician to apply the warm wax, and then (politely) wince as the expert rips away any trace of strays. It’s become routine at this point, and save for a few run-ins with a technician who was a little too wax-happy, we’ve never quite questioned the process—that is until PopSugar let us in on a little secret: That whole lying-down thing we’ve been doing? Yeah, that’s messing with our brows.

“Traditionally, waxing is done lying down flat on your back. Well, if you’ve ever taken a selfie lying flat on your back, then you know what gravity does to your face. … It distorts, stretches; it’s just not kind,” explains Jared Bailey, Benefit’s global brow expert. Which makes sense—lying down invites gravity to shift your body in a number of ways, and your face is no different. That’s why if you go to get your brows done at Benefit’s BrowBar, you’ll always sit upright in a chair throughout the entire service. It may not seem as relaxing as a traditional lie-down service, but at least your arches will be free of gravity-induced problems.

How do you get your brows waxed? Are you a DIY person? Tell us below!