I Need to Understand Why People Care About Viral Brow Trends

I don't get it.

One of the biggest beauty trend takeaways from our current decade has been full, feathered, natural-looking brows, a stark contrast to '90s and early-'00s overtweezed arches, so much that I'm pitched a new brow-growth serum or grooming gel on a weekly basis. We've learned that fuller brows have the ability to completely transform our faces and frame our features. It's a return to our roots and embracing the brows we were born with, except amplified to look even stronger and more defined, perhaps as a way to give a solid middle finger to the kids in middle school who told us they were bushy.

But sometime last year, an image of feather brows popped up on my Instagram feed. Not the wispy, brushed-up brows we'd once again come to appreciate, but a shocking split-down-the-middle brow made to look like an actual feather. (See below.)