A Celebrity Brow Guru Gave Me a Painfully Honest Eyebrow Evaluation

“If you’re looking at someone and something seems off, it’s probably their brows.”

That’s what brow guru William Scott, who has worked with Bella Hadid, Lily Rabe, and Hilary Duff, tells me during a consultation last week. As soon as he says this, I think to myself, Wow, he must think something is really off on my face because my brows are bad. Like, bad with a capital B.

Truly, I’ve never had “good brows.” They’ve always been kind of rectangle-shaped and thin. Then there was that one time in middle school when I decided to shave the baby hairs growing between my arches with a Bic razor and went a little too far in, thus fueling my first introduction to a brow pencil, at the age of 12. I also once decided I wanted my brows to look just like Megan Fox’s (a fantasy, of course) and took some small brow scissors to my arches to “shape” them… You can probably guess what happened next. I shouldn’t be allowed to touch my brows.

So I don’t, really. I tweeze a few stray hairs every few weeks or so, but I’ve been trying to grow them out the best I can, albeit with slim results. My Nyx Micro Brow Pencil ($10) does a great job of filling them in and staying put, though when the product comes off, my poor, sparse arches stare back at me in the mirror, begging for mercy. It’s a sad tale of the little eyebrows that couldn’t.



Hallie Gould

I needed Scott’s help, and I needed it badly. Getting the opportunity to sit down with him and have him tell me exactly what my brows needed was a blessing. He’s worked for Kristie Streicher, creator of the Feathered Brow, and has taken over her NYC client base since she landed in L.A. The fact that he’s worked with some great celebs doesn’t hurt either; it made me feel safe in his hands. (Expectedly, he’s also got a great pair of arches, himself.) Here’s what Scott prescribed my sad, sad, brows: