Brooke Shields on Her Secret to Soft, Supple Skin

And her very best life advice.

Brooke Shields

Byrdie / Brooke Shields

We all have celebrities we’ve always admired. You know, the ones who have graced so many screens and magazine covers we’ve lost count. Or the ones we feel connected to without ever meeting them. For me, the first one who comes to mind is Brooke Shields. She’s authentic and a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. Throughout her decades-long career, she’s starred in over 40 movies. The multi-hyphenate mogul is also a mom to two daughters, Rowan and Grier. Needless to say, she does a lot.

The 55 year-old recently partnered with Colgate Renewal to discuss a topic not many open up about when it comes to aging: gum health. "I don’t think we think in terms of gum health," she says. "We look at a smile and think just about teeth and whiteness. What we don’t realize is really that our foundation of a good smile is our gums." In celebration of her Colgate partnership, Shields chatted with me about her nighttime oral care routine, the life advice she always shares with others, and essential beauty products.

The One Thing Essential to Her Skincare Routine 

"Cleanliness. As long as I keep my skin clean and hydrated. Truthfully, I don't swear by one particular thing. Really it’s anything that errs on the side of not chemicals, something that is super moisturizing. But, keeping myself hydrated is the main thing. I’ve noticed that the elasticity that comes from hydration is really what I need. Although I love Vitamin C, I’ve noticed that products that have Vitamin C really seem to help keep the dullness out of my skin and refresh it. It doesn’t necessarily matter the brand because I don’t have a favorite yet. I’ve only sort of discovered it recently."

The One TV Show She Loved Most

"Suddenly Susan. Absolutely hands down the most fun I’ve ever had. I loved every minute of doing a sitcom."

Brooke Shields

Byrdie / Brooke Shields

The One Thing She Always Does Before Bed 

"Well, actually, I have a little routine that involves my skin and making sure that I brush my teeth and use my Colgate Renewal and floss. If I go to sleep and feel like I've done a good job on my gum and teeth care, then I feel like I can go to sleep and feel really clean."

The One Beauty Tip She Can’t Live Without

"Honestly, it’s so boring, but it’s all about moisture. It’s just so much easier to apply makeup on a moisturized, supple face or skin. The drier or more dehydrated that I am, the older I look, and I have to really make it a point to not only hydrate from the inside but externally as well. I grew up with my mom saying, 'Moisture, moisture, moisture.' I tend to like thicker, richer creams as I psychologically feel like they are better. I don’t know if that’s true but I like the feeling of my skin. My kids will say they don’t want to kiss me because I have too much stuff on my face."

The One Makeup Product She Uses Every Day

"Lip gloss. Even if I'm wearing zero makeup, I’ll always have the richest lip gloss that I can find on. I just started using one that my friend sent to me. It's pink-colored and super-rich. I just love anything that looks absolutely thick on my lips. I feel like somehow it’s doing better."

The One Piece of Advice She Always Shares 

"If you really think about it, it could always be worse. Choose a positive approach instead of lamenting the negative."

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