Makeup Artist Natasha Severino Shows Us How to Get a Bronzed Look on Fair Skin

So you have fair skin. The kind that matches foundation shades like 100 Fair, Ivory, and Creamy Vanilla. You might have tried every makeup trend under the sun, but we’re guessing you’ve had trouble achieving one specific result: a glowy, bronzed look. You know the one: that I just returned from Ibiza complexion that Victoria’s Secret models sport no matter the season or situation. (At this point, a bronze glow is almost synonymous with celebrity).

If you have in fact attempted this look before on fair skin, then you know it’s easy to miss sun-kissed and head straight for (using a term from celebrity makeup artist Natasha Severino here) Oompa Loompa. That’s probably because you’re not applying bronzer quite right. If you do so, you can look tanned and radiant too, no matter how fair your complexion might be. To learn how, watch the video below, detailing all of Severino’s tips and tricks for perfect bronzer application.

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