A British Cool Girl Shares Her Entire Skincare Routine

British blogger Emma Hoareau of Lolita Says So has an amazing eye. As a working photographer, she shoots all her own content, documenting her dreamy travel diaries, chic outfits, and enviable beauty product collection. When her vanities caught the eye of us here at Byrdie, we needed to know what her entire routine was, and quick. Below Hoareau spells out her skincare must-haves.

I work as a photographer in London while also running my beauty blog. I didn't mean to end up working in the beauty industry—I had always imagined going into fashion writing. But I was offered a job as beauty editor straight out of university and I quickly became obsessed with all things skincare.

I grew up in Paris, so I definitely follow the philosophy that before even thinking about makeup, you need good skin—a great canvas which you can then add a red lip or eyeliner to rather, than layering on makeup to hide what’s underneath.

Having run my blog for nearly six years now, I've tested a lot of products and think I can safely say I've got my skincare routine down to a tee.

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