The New Highlighter Look You'll Be Obsessed With Come Summer

Updated 04/29/19
British makeup trends
British makeup trends via Pinterest

Welcome to Byrdie UK's Brit Month, a monthlong celebration of all things eccentrically and wonderfully British. From the little-known, home-grown beauty brands we're championing to the beauty trends that we Brits will be all over in 2017, this is the place to dive into everything that's quintessentially and brilliantly British.

As beauty editors, we're constantly on the lookout for the latest beauty trends. We travel to different continents exploring backstage at catwalk shows, we speak with experts on the regular, and we're on the pulse of which beauty products will be launching next week, next month and later this year. But this time, we're turning our attention to you, dear reader. What are the trends you're searching for, obsessing over and (most crucially) pinning as a reminder to try it later? To find out, we called on Pinterest and asked about the beauty looks trending in the UK right now.

And you know what—there isn't a matte lip or cut-crease eye shadow in sight. Turns out your loyalty is being swayed from matte to glossy, from lips to eyes and from low-key to out there.

To see the four beauty trends British women are searching for right now, keep scrolling.

LIP ART: 300% increase in the past year

Okay, look—we're going to get this one out of the way first because it's completely out there. British women have been pinning lip art—as in miniature works of art crafted onto lips. It's not wearable, but it is fun to look at. If your artistic skills leave a lot to be desired, U.S. brand Violent Lips offers temporary lip tattoos, and it ships globally; choices include leopard print and tie dye.

PEARLESCENT HIGHLIGHTER: 140% increase in the past year

We called this one recently: Mermaid-esque shimmering pearlescent highlighter is on the up (140% up since last year, to be precise). Want to get the look? We're using Topshop Chameleon Highlighter in Mother of Pearl (£13) at Byrdie HQ to re-create the effect. This shade shimmers different tones from peach to pink in the light and has garnered us more than a few compliments.

Wet-Look Eye Shadow: 170% increase in the past year

Jelly eyes (that's what we like to call it) are big news right now. Juicy, glossy eyelids are just inexplicably cool, and you can use any natural clear balm like PapayaGold Paw Paw Moisturising Balm (£6) layered over bare lids or eye shadow to get the look. Simple.

We also love 3ina's The Lip Oil Balm (£8), which gives that jelly-like effect in one simple swipe. It's a great way to add a little interest to a barely-there summer holiday makeup look.

British makeup trends

Graphic Eyeliner: 160% increase in the past year

The beauty conversation has been all about matte lips for what seems like years. Now the attention is turning to graphic eyeliner. Use a long-wear liquid pen like Eyeko Black Magic Liquid Liner (£16) to get a precise look, and rest your elbow on a sturdy surface when applying to ensure a steady hand. Experiment with white or colourful liners, and don't be afraid to play.

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