Briogeo's Latest Launch Is a Mess-Free Alternative to DIY Rice Water Treatments

Say goodbye to dull, broken strands.

Briogeo Rice Water Protein + Moisture Strengthening Treatment


If you've ever highlighted, dyed, or bleached your strands (like me), you know that they require a lot of TLC to keep them free of damage and breakage. This can mean everything from adding in weekly hair masks to using less heat tools or rinsing your hair with rice water. But, the process can become a bit tricky if you're tackling multiple hair concerns—especially since many hair products only target one issue.

Thankfully Briogeo, the brand behind the cult-favorite Deep Conditioning Mask ($38), created a product perfect for this scenario: The Don't Despair, Repair MegaStregth Rice Water Protein and Strengthening Treatment ($42). "This dual treatment features two formulas that work together to provide the perfect balance of protein and moisture, which is the key to having the healthiest hair possible," explains Nancy Twine, Founder of Briogeo.

The new launch is also intended to act as an at-home rice water treatment, a DIY hack that viral at the beginning of the year for improving hair growth. Intrigued? Same. Luckily, I had the opportunity to take the product for a spin. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about their latest innovation.

Briogeo Rice Water Protein and Strengthening Treatment

Best for: Dry, damaged Hair

Price: $42

What It Does: Strengthens hair and protects it from future damage.

Product Claims: Vegan, Cruelty-Free

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The Formula

With just one use, the hair mask works to simultaneously strengthen and moisturize dry, brittle hair that's been damaged by dye, heat, or chemical treatments. Made with a proprietary blend that includes rice protein complex, B vitamins, and rose-hip oil, the mask claims to help prevent damage, improve texture, boost shine and hydration, and control frizz. "Enriched by rice water, this powerful formula reverses damage in dry, brittle strands and strengthens the hair cuticle for stronger, healthier hair," explains Twine. Also, it provides a surge of much-needed moisture, which helps nourish and boost elasticity.

Briogeo Rice Water Treatment


The Inspiration

Twine first discovered the powerful benefits of rice water as a teenager. "My mom (a doctor and chemist) and I created a homemade rice water treatment to bring my bleach-damaged hair back to life—and ultimately save it." That memory inspired her to create the Rice Water Protein + Moisture Strengthening Treatment ($42) so that the Briogeo community could also experience the hair repair powers of rice water protein.

"Our professional-grade, at-home formula is our most intensive treatment yet, boosting the effectiveness of your weekly hair repair routine while removing the guesswork and mess of a DIY treatment," says Twine. While its main ingredient may be having a moment on social media, Twine points to the ingredient's centuries of use (it was popular way before it ever went viral on TikTok) due to its incredible reparative benefits.

The Review

As someone with fine strands who highlights her hair every few months, it's safe to say I'm always working on strengthening my strands and preventing breakage. TBH, I *have* attempted to do a rice water treatment at home. However, even though I put it all together, ultimately, I couldn't apply it to my hair since I didn't like the feel.

Brigeo's new launch, however, is a different story. Housed in a gorgeous pink and white double chamber bottle, it not only takes away any mess factor but also makes the process of receiving the benefits a whole lot easier. My dull, damaged strands felt instantly revived with just one use, leaving them feeling way silkier, softer, and looking much, much healthier. I'll be adding this into my hair care routine on a weekly basis.

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