120,000 People Agree: This Sephora Brightening Serum Is Worth Every Cent

A hint of highlighter and swipe of concealer can work wonders to brighten a dull, uneven complexion, but makeup only offers a temporary topical glow. For that coveted lit-from-within skin, estheticians recommend products that penetrate the skin. Enter brightening serums, which contain small molecules that can deeply penetrate the skin, delivering a high concentration of active ingredients.

Not all brightening serums are created equal, though. First of all, they proffer a medley of hard-to-pronounce and harder-to-understand ingredients, making it difficult to know which products actually do what they're supposed to. Given the range of prices and ingredients of the top brightening serums, we turned to reviews to find out what real users had to say. After sifting through hundreds of Sephora reviews, best-selling product lists, and Byrdie editor personal recommendations, these are the products that stood out from the rest. The star find? A potent serum with 120,000 "likes" and over 4000 reviews on Sephora. 

Spend your money wisely. These are the best brightening serums that actually work. 

This story originally appeared on My Domaine.