Spotted: The Unexpected Hue on Every Cool Girl's Lips

Pink is feminine and romantic. Pink conjures up memories of candy-colored frocks and the crayon the girliest girl in your class always chose first. There are a lot of things that we associate with the color pink, but cool isn't one of them (excluding Regina George—long live the queen of bitchy pink). No, cool girls—see: Zoë Kravitz or K.Stew—tend to gravitate toward the unexpected, opting for moodier hues like plum or the ever-classic black and white. Which is why we were surprised to see a crop of said girls getting photographed in none other than the Regina George–approved color itself. The opposite of "grandma," these shades are unabashedly pink in every sense of the word: fuschia-tinged and in-your-face. The key to keeping neon-pink lipstick fresh and not '80s prom? Keep the rest of your face bare—save for your blush, which you should by all means match your lipstick.

So yes, we take back our previous notions about pink and will never discriminate against lipstick colors again. Not when FKA Twigs makes it look so damn good.

Keep scrolling to see how the cool crowd is wearing its new favorite lipstick color!

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