Bridgerton x Pat McGrath Labs Made Me Look (and Feel) Like a Duchess

Lady Whistledown approves.

Bridgerton x Pat McGrath

Pat McGrath Labs

It's difficult to fully account for Bridgerton's impact on the world of aesthetics. Shortly after the show's premiere (it was an instant hit), tea sets sold out en masse. Fancy housedress purchases skyrocketed. People started putting blush everywhere—nose, eyes, cheeks, wherever—to get that Duchess-y glow. And I, dear reader, decided I just had to have a regal pearl necklace, no matter how much Instagram-scrolling it cost me. Personal taste aside (the Bridgerton effect is real), it was clear romantic vibes and Regency era style was here to stay thanks to the geniuses at Shondaland.

Thankfully, ahead of the show's second season premiere, there's a gorgeous new collab to satiate our pastry-starved palates until April. That's right, Bridgerton x Pat McGrath is here—and I couldn't be more excited. What do you get when you mix bodice-ripping fantasy with makeup's most innovative artist? A collection fit for a queen. The Netflix hit and beauty icon teamed up (a beauty first for Bridgerton) to deliver swoon-worthy shadows, divine pastels, and, of course, plenty of blush.

Ahead, read all about this match made in beauty heaven. (Name a better duo, I'll wait).

The Inspiration

Like many of us, Pat McGrath "fell in love at first swoon with Bridgerton." And it's not hard to see why. The makeup artist and her titular beauty brand have always been about fantasy. Known for her dramatic eye looks, commitment to a theme (Pat McGrath Labs basically speaks its own, celestial language on Instagram), and dedication to championing diversity, there's plenty of overlap between the Bridgerton and Pat McGrath universes.

"I have always been obsessed with Regency beauty and was thrilled to interpret the era with a modern homage," says McGrath. "Inspired by the romance and searing passion that we saw in Season 1," the new set features a few brand favorites and a brand-new palette, all housed in covetable, collectible packaging.

The Collection

Bridgerton x Pat McGrath
Bridgerton x Pat McGrath Divine Blush + Glow Trio: Love at First Blush $52.00

Naturally, the collection features a gorgeous blush palette. Created with Pat McGrath's innovative gel-based formula (seriously, this stuff is magic), the "Regency-inspired triptych" includes two blush shades (one dusky rose, another rich magenta) and a divine highlighter designed to work on all skin tones. With three options to layer, build, and contour, you're basically guaranteed an incandescent glow.

Bridgerton x Pat McGrath palette
Bridgerton x Pat McGrath MTHRSHP: Diamond of the First Water $65.00

It wouldn't be a Pat McGrath collection without an eyeshadow palette (which, by the way, was my personal favorite from the collection). The six royal hues include pink satin, a plum taupe in matte, blueastral (more on this shade later), platinum rose, metallic, brilliant berry, and opalescent champagne highlighter. The best part? Two of the shades are stamped with "Bridgerton bees," a nod to Julia Quinn's novels that recur throughout the set.

Bridgerton x Pat McGrath Labs
Bridgerton x Pat McGrath Skin Fetish: Sublime Skin Highlighter $60.00

Last, but certainly not least, there's highlighter. With their pearl-infused formula (but of course, darling), these gel-powder illuminators come in an intense yellow-gold and a more subtle incandescent shade.

My Review

Madeline Hirsch, Byrdie Editor

Madeline Hirsch

First off, let me just tell you that the packaging for this collection had me primed to fall in love. I ripped open my mailer to Bridgerton-reference galore: bows, pearls, a gorgeous broach illustration, it's all there. In terms of collector's items, this will delight fans and royals fanatics alike.

As for the shades, there's a theatrical range of both matte and glittery options. The blush triptych was especially versatile, delivering warm and cool pinks, bold and subtle hues, and a bright, delicious highlighter to mix and match. I've spoken about how much I love this formula before, but the true magic lies in its ability to blend into both liquid and powder formulas. No matter your complexion base, these blushes go on like a dream.

Finally, there's the eyeshadow palette. Dear reader—excuse the Lady Whistledown reference, I had to—these shades made me feel something. And I've tried my fair share of shadows. Blueastral is truly something special. A light, almost robin blue on its own, the sparkly shade changes tones as it layers. Combine it with one of the palette's pinks, and you'll be shocked at how it delivers a lavender-y sparkle. On top of purple (excited, I couldn't help but layer it with other Pat McGrath shadows I've collected over the years), I created a dusky, sunset sky on my lids.

Whether you're a fan of Pat McGrath, historical romance, or just good makeup formulas, this collection has something for you. And if you, like me, are counting down the days until March 25 when Season 2 premieres, this will provide enough costume drama to hold you over.

The Bridgerton x Pat McGrath collection is available now at

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