12 Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Every Length

It's becoming increasingly difficult to come up with unique yet timeless bridal hairstyles. With summer "I dos" seamlessly followed by autumnal vow exchanges and winter walks down the aisle, it seems like wedding season has no end. One must not be prepared solely for marriage ceremonies in summer months, but also for four seasons of saving the date and dressing for the occasion. This means the pressure is on for guests to arrive looking their best—and it's even worse for the wedding party. Without a break to recoup from wedding season, it can be difficult for brides and their bridesmaids to come up with new hairstyles they haven't just seen.

So if you're a bridesmaid looking for a much-needed hairdo refresh or a bride seeking inspiration for bridesmaid hairstyles that aren't completely played out, minimize your Pinterest board and look no further for fresh finds. Whatever your hair length, or whether you opt for up or down, tousled, teased, or tame, this lineup of wedding day hairstyles promises to make an impression—no matter what point of wedding season the big day lands.

Keep scrolling for beautiful bridesmaid hairstyle inspiration straight from the red carpet.