16 Wedding Hair Looks That Are Refreshingly Cool

We've been noticing an undeniable bridal beauty trend over the last few months, and that's brides opting for a completely refreshing new way to wear their hair on the big day: the messier and more natural, the better. It used to be that your wedding hair was all about perfection—glossy, smooth, and pristine looks. Updos were the reigning choice, with backdos a close second. Flyaways had to be smoothed into submission. No strand or frizzy baby curl could be out of place. Even as recently as Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kanye West (almost exactly one year ago), bridal hair meant a smooth blowout, a little lift at the crown—something sleek, polished, and refined. But lately we're seeing more brides embrace totally wild styles that look so confident, sexy, and cool in photographs. It makes sense, given that hair in general this season has been trending toward unstructured styles, messy and loose texture, and flyaways. And this has us wondering… Are overly coiffed updos and pristine bridal styles a thing of the past? Keep scrolling for 16 stunning looks that have us convinced the answers is yes.