The Cool-Girl Way to Style Your Hair for Your Wedding

Updated 06/05/18

When you search "bridal hair" on Pinterest, it's easy to be overwhelmed by all the options. Even so, the majority of the results are long, curly hairstyles that can feel a bit dated—and we know the average Byrdie reader is after something different. It has to be a little edgy, but it still has to feel appropriate. If that sounds like you, you've come to the right place.

Armed with a knowledge of runway hairstyles and the coolest online bridal shops, we've organised the best wedding hairstyles we could find to bring you every kind of look you could wish for. From small ponytails for the minimalist to delicately scattered flowers for the boho bride, we're sure you're going to find the style you're after for your big day.

bridal hair: woman with slicked-back hair

Slicked-Back Hair

Wet-look hair wasn't probably at the top of your list for bridal hairstyles to try, but it can actually look super refined, especially against a statement dress. Use a lightweight gel like this one.

bridal hair: woman with cow parsley in hair

The New Flower Crown

Like a flower crown, only cooler, sliding bunches of cow parsley into the hair and securing with kirby grips give off super-ethereal bridal vibes.

bridal hair: woman with a low ponytail
Vera Wang

Low Pony

The low ponytail will forever be one of the chicest bridal hairstyles. Not only is it easy to do, but it also has 24-hour staying power.

Bridal hair: a subtle curl with netted hairband

Gentle Wave

A tiny bit of a wave in your hair for your big day gives it an old-school Hollywood-glamour edge (you should try using hot rollers to get that effect).

bridal hair: woman with two buns in hair

Double Bun

If you're tired of seeing the same chignons at every wedding you go to, why don't you try something a little different? This is traditional but with a twist.

bridal hair: woman with bow on ponytail
Vera Wang

Big Bow

This what we like to think of as an alternative to a veil (hey, not everyone wants one). Sure, it's a statement, but it's a cool one.

bridal hair: woman with beehive hair
Vera Wang


If you're into the vintage look, then the beehive hairstyle might just be what you're looking for. Overdo it at the back (and add tonnes of hair spray) and finish with a ribbon around the top.

bridal hair: woman with low messy ponytail
Vera Wang

Low and Messy Ponytail

Is an effortless vibe more your thing? Try wearing a low pony and wrapping some of the hair around the end. Leave loose tendrils around the face.

bridal hair: woman with french plait

French Plait

Is there anything as sweet as the french plait for an easy, lasting 'do?

bridal hair: woman with metal hair band

Alternative Flower Crown

There are some brides who detest flowers and anything floral going anywhere near their dress, let alone their hair. So this is a great alternative for those who still want to accessorise with something fabulous. Net-a-Porter stocks an incredible range of bridal hair accessories.

bridal hair: woman with braided hair

Front Braid

Heading into a more traditional territory is this front braid, which looks both boho and polished at the same time. Chose how many strands you want hanging down to determine your level of boho-ness.

bridal hair: woman with rose flower crown

Red Flower Crown

Just because you may have gone down the traditional white/cream/ivory route with your dress doesn't mean you have to go for similar accessories. In fact, we love the idea of a bold red flower crown for a Frida Kahlo–inspired bridal look.

bridal hair: woman with extreme side parted hair
Vera Wang

Extreme Side Part

Fashion brides, this one's for you. Sweep hair across and fix with a grip on the side.

bridal hair: woman with hairband

Simple Hairband and Bun

Sometimes brides would rather focus on their makeup instead of their hair. In that case, we suggest trying a similar look as this one. Hair should be clean and shining but gently pulled back to show off the skin.

bridal hair: woman with giant bow in hair

Black Bow

We originally spotted this dramatic black bow style on the runway at Roksanda a couple years ago—and we still can't get it out of our heads.

bridal hair: woman with top knot

Polished Topknot

Like us, we imagine you never tire of the topknot. For your wedding day, however, opt for a more polished version by ensuring unwanted flyaway strands are tucked away either with a hairband, as pictured, or with hair spray.

bridal hair: woman with messy updo

Messy Updo

Want something that looks thrown together for an utterly gorgeous but laid-back feel? Tie hair up in a bun, gently pull strands out to frame the face and then fix them with hair spray for a purposefully windswept look.

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