Double Breakfast: How to Try the Newest Weight-Loss Trend

You may not be someone who wakes up in the morning famished and ready for a full meal. But skipping breakfast all together can be a recipe for overeating later in the day. Sound familiar? Now, you may not think the answer to said scenario is double breakfasts, but eating two breakfasts actually makes perfect sense. You start with something small, simply to kick-start your metabolism, and then eat a more filling breakfast later to keep you satiated until lunch. Nutritionist Meryl Pritchard agrees. "It's hard for me to have a lot of food right when I wake up, and dumping a bunch of food into your stomach when your body is hardly awake will zap your energy immediately, but you should have something to help kick-start your metabolism and help your body wake up," Pritchard says. "I recommend something lighter and easy to digest—smoothies and fruit are usually my go-to, since they don't require a lot of energy to process." If weight loss is your aim, double breakfast is definitely a tactic you should try. 

Scroll through for seven days worth of nutritionist-approved double breakfasts to try!