Bread Beauty Supply Is Transforming Natural Haircare

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Since its 2020 launch, Bread Beauty Supply has been championing inclusivity and diversity in the haircare space. Founder Maeva Heim has made no secret of her commitment to providing better experiences and products for people of color, specifically Black women. The brand is redefining what it means to look after your hair, one product at a time.

Wash days can feel like an extreme chore at times, and Bread Beauty Supply’s mission is to change this for natural hair types all over the world. The brand believes haircare routines should be fun and not forced. Whether you're looking to maintain curls, baby hairs, frizzy bits, or braids, Bread Beauty Supply has all the essentials you need to get through wash day with some well-deserved ease.

Bread Beauty Supply

Founded: In 2020, by Maeva Heim.

Location: Perth, Australia

Pricing: $$

Best known for: Hair-Oil, a silicone-free, multi-purpose oil designed to help you achieve a glossy, hydrated finish for curls or any texture.

Hero product: Hair-Cream, a curl-enhancing cream with conditioning and healing properties. The product even won one of our 2022 Eco Beauty Awards here at Byrdie.

Fun fact: Bread Beauty Supply almost ended up with a completely different name when Heim first created the brand. ‘’I knew that I wanted to create a brand that was focused on hair care basics, so I thought of basics in other categories and landed on Bread,’’ she tells Byrdie. 

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After completing a marketing internship at L’Oreal, Heim, who spent her formative years hanging around her mother's Perth braiding salon while her grandmother made soap in a small village on the Ivory Coast, realized the beauty industry wasn’t really talking to her as a consumer. ‘’As a woman of color, I didn’t feel like I was getting the same level of product availability or brand experience that everyone else was, and I was determined to change that,’’ she says.

After about 20 years using relaxers, a trip to America inspired Heim to start her natural hair journey and learn the best way to look after her strands. ‘’I flew from New York to Colorado with a hair relaxer in my suitcase and when I opened up my suitcase, I discovered that the relaxer had exploded all over my clothes,’’ she says. ‘’I decided then and there that I was going to stop relaxing my hair and find hair care products that were specifically designed for my texture.’’

During her search, Heim felt frustrated at the lack of brands that catered to her hair type. ‘’All of the brands I came across in the multicultural hair aisles felt dated,’’ she says. ‘’The product selection was incredibly confusing, and I was overwhelmed. All I wanted to know was how to wash my hair, but I felt like brands weren’t providing that guidance in a super simple and time-efficient way.’’ Heim started Bread Beauty Supply to make the natural hair transition easier for herself as well as others who may have similar experiences.

The natural hair movement has had a huge impact on Black women's relationships with their hair, and sales of relaxers have fallen in recent years. ‘’A lot of young women have started to become aware of the types of products they are putting on their hair, just like I was, so I decided to take my industry know-how and start building Bread Beauty Supply to fill this gap,’’ Heim says. 

Looking to take your natural hair journey to the next level, but not sure where to start? Read on for the best products that Bread Beauty Supply has to offer.

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Bread Beauty Supply Hair Oil
Bread Beauty Supply Hair-Oil $24.00

Described by Heim as "a lip gloss for hair," this silicone-free, multi-purpose oil works in three different ways: as a pre-wash treatment, after wash day to lock in moisture, or between wash days to add shine to strands throughout the week. Infused with kakadu plum and safflower oil, Hair-Oil has a sweet berry scent and works wonders on both low- and high-porosity hair. To use, run a few drops through wet hair after rinsing out your conditioner or hair mask, or use between washes to reboot shine. On wash day, slather the oil over dry hair (and scalp) as a pre-wash treatment.

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Bread Beauty Supply Mud-Mask green gingham tube
Bread Beauty Supply Mud-Mask $34.00

Featuring a blend of rhassoul, bentonite, kaolin, and quartz, this clay mask resets curls and gently detoxes the scalp. Suitable for curly and textured hair, the cruelty-free formula forgoes silicones and sulfates to give you lush strands that are never stripped or weighed down. To apply, slather the mask onto the scalp, sectioning your hair as you go. Let it sit for 20 minutes, then proceed with your usual wash day routine. As this is a pre-wash treatment, the brand recommends dampening hair before applying the product.

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Bread Beauty Supply Hair-Cream
Bread Beauty Supply Hair-Cream $28.00

Heim recommends using this product as part of your wash-and-go routine. ‘’I like to use a brush to evenly distribute this cream through my damp hair in sections from root to tip,’’ she says. Suitable for all hair types (especially wavy, curly, coily, and textured), this two-in-one conditioning and repairing curl cream softens strands and defines curls with hydrolyzed quinoa protein and mango butter, all without weighing hair down.

For best results, apply the cream to clean, damp hair in sections from root to tip, scrunch your strands (adding water if needed), and air-dry or diffuse. For a braid-out, apply to damp or semi-dry hair and braid in sections. After braiding, diffuse to dry or leave overnight, then undo your braids for softly defined waves.

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Bread Beauty Supply Hair-Mask
Bread Beauty Supply Hair-Mask $28.00

Described by the brand as "the perfect conditioner meets mask," this award-winning product provides an intensive treatment that will softly coat strands without weighing them down. We love that the mask is gentle enough for use every time you wash your hair, or occasionally when you need to breathe new life into your strands.

After cleansing, section hair into four equal parts. Apply a generous amount of the product from root to tip, covering each section as you go. Use your fingers to smooth the mask through your strands and gently detangle, ensuring all strands are thoroughly coated. Leave the mask on for five to 10 minutes, then rinse and gently detangle with fingers or a detangling comb.

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Bread Beauty Supply Hair-Wash
Bread Beauty Supply Hair-Wash $20.00

Want the cleansing powers of a shampoo with the nourishment of a co-wash? Bread Beauty Supply's award-winning Hair-Wash refreshes your strands gently and reliably, modeling itself after sensitive face cleansers to leave hair feeling silky, detoxed, and not a bit irritated.

To integrate this product into your wash day routine, either squeeze it into your palms or squirt it directly on to hard-to-reach areas like the back of the neck. Section wet hair into four parts and gently massage the wash into your scalp before running residual product through the lengths of your strands. Rinse off and enjoy how the nourished result actually keeps your scalp feeling clean longer than harsh, stripping formulas.

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Bread Beauty Supply Scalp-Serum circular glass bottle with green liquid
Bread Beauty Supply Scalp-Serum $28.00

Your scalp deserves as much TLC as you give your skin and hair. This cooling acid concentrate removes buildup for a gentle reset, which in turn promotes growth and healthier strands. For an overnight detox, massage the product all over and rinse out the next morning. To target certain areas that need a reboot, apply a few drops where needed and leave the serum in for maximum impact.

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Bread Beauty Supply Macadamia Oil glass bottle
Bread Beauty Supply Macadamia-Oil $28.00

This multi-purpose oil is suitable for both skin and hair, leaving you feeling nourished and lush all over. Heim created this product after noticing most macadamia oils were full of filler ingredients—this one is exactly what it says it is, because you deserve only the best. To use, liberally coat the product over your body, mix it into your favorite lotion or hair mask, or apply a few drops to hair as either a pre-wash or leave-in treatment.

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