How to Get Skin Like Alessandra and Gisele (or at Least Come Close)

At Byrdie HQ, it's our MO to celebrate beauty from every corner of the world. The beauty customs of different cultures are unique and steeped in history, and by learning about them, we're able to expand our own perspectives (not to mention pick up a life-changing new tip or two). That's why we're proclaiming this week Global Beauty Week and paying special homage to women far and wide, from Thailand to Russia and beyond. Each day, we'll honor the beauty practices, trends, and traditions of our sisters around the globe—complex, intriguing, and versatile as they are. Enjoy!



Tavinho Costa/Style

With a bevy of supermodels hailing from Brazil, it might seem like Brazilian women wake up with glowing skin and tousled locks. However, São Paulo–based blogger Helena Bordon says otherwise. From weekly laser treatments to drinking coconut water and eating anti-inflammatory foods, Bordon says Brazilians make a major effort to "take good care of their skin and body." For the Brazilian skincare secrets of Gisele, Adriana Lima, and more, keep on reading.