A Brazilian Model Shares All of Her Beauty Secrets

Vickatrillion: Commit the name to memory, because you’re about to start seeing it everywhere. Victoria Brito—Vickatrillion to her fans—is one of the fresh new faces chosen to front the campaign for Calvin Klein’s latest fragrance, CK2. What makes this campaign different from the logo waistband–flaunting ones of yore? For one, the brand has dubbed CK2 a “gender-free fragrance,” which, yes, is probably just a sexier way to say unisex, but the intention is there. The fragrance promises to “celebrate the diversity of connections between two people, free of labels,” a message we can fully get behind. Secondly, the company has forgone recognizable faces like Abbey Lee Kershaw in favor of another route. From Kanye muse Luka Sabbat to striking twins Kelsey and Baylee Soles to Brito herself (a Brazilian who raps, dances, and models), the “Calvin crew” for this campaign is fresher, newer, and more intriguing than in years past.

We had a chance to catch up with the platinum-haired muse herself and talk all things beauty—more specifically, any and all of the beauty secrets she learned from her home country. Lest you expect any vague, model-y answers like “I drink lots of water!”, we’ll say this: Brito is not like other models. From potato slices for under-eye bags to a daily face exercise, Brito schooled us on beauty like no other model has before (well, except for maybe Anja Rubik). Keep scrolling to find out all her beauty secrets!

CK2 ($18–$75) will be available for purchase February 2—in the meantime, you can preorder the scent on macys.com.

Watch the new video campaign featuring Vickatrillion below! And for more beauty tips from Calvin Klein models, read our interview with Abbey Lee Kershaw.