Reviewed: This Deodorant Is Both Military-Grade and Natural

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Bravo Sierra Deodorant

bravo sierra deodorant

Bravo Sierra / Design by Hallie Gould

What We Like
  • Natural ingredients

  • Byrdie clean

  • Stylish fragrances

  • Effective and gentle

  • Contains skin-loving ingredients

What We Don't Like
  • Nothing—this stuff rocks

The Bravo Sierra deodorant is an affordable natural option that lasts through hot weather and intense workouts.


Bravo Sierra Deodorant

bravo sierra deodorant

Bravo Sierra / Design by Hallie Gould

We put Bravo Sierra Deodorant to the test after receiving a complimentary sample from the brand. Keep reading for our full product review. 

The thing with natural deodorants is—at least for me—they just don’t work. They’re all silky going on and you feel good because you’re not imbibing potentially carcinogenic substances through your skin but, come lunchtime, you wonder if it’s you or the local Subway giving off that questionable onion-y essence. It’s you, and the culprit is a deodorant that simply isn’t doing its job. So in doing this Bravo Sierra deodorant review, I had little hope it would be any different. Let me just say—I’ve never been so happy to be disappointed. 

Bravo Sierra is a company with a heart, both in terms of genuinely caring about what their audience needs and wants and weaving altruistic intentions into their core brand philosophy. They carry the former out via the Bravo Sierra Battalion, a community of members whose feedback influences both product quality and the development of new products. The latter is the company’s commitment to sharing 5 percent of sales with programs dedicated to the well-being of U.S. military service members, veterans, and their families. 

Bravo Sierra field-tests every product with these service members and veterans to ensure they hold up to the grueling military-grade specifications. Meaning if they can pass muster with a fully-uniformed service member in the boiling desert sun, they can withstand the heat and humidity a typical New York City summer can throw at you. 

But perhaps the most surprising thing I learned from this Bravo Sierra deodorant review is how something so effective could still be natural and smell amazing, to boot. 

Keep reading to get our full thoughts in our Bravo Sierra deodorant review. 

Bravo Sierra Deodorant

Best for: All skin types.

Uses: Provides long-lasting odor protection.

Star Rating: 5/5

Potential allergens: None.

Clean: Yes

Price: $27

About the brand: Bravo Sierra is a self-care brand built with and for the U.S. Military to meet the needs of all those who lead active lives. 

About My Skin: Unremarkable armpits

When it comes to the skin of my armpits, nothing special to see there, but my deodorant must match my lifestyle. As a guy I don’t tend to shave my pits, so a deodorant formulation that doesn’t clump is a must. I also wear a lot of black clothing, meaning it must be clear and never flake. And I’m very active—I run at least five days a week, and cycle everywhere I can, so I need my deodorant to go the distance. 

The Feel: Silky smooth and barely there

Bravo Sierra Deodorant

Bryan Levandowski

I immediately expected the clear stick to be sticky and damp after applying, but it actually dried down completely—leaving my armpit area silky soft. With bio-based propylene glycol and glycerin topping the ingredients list, the formulation has plenty of slip without any stickiness. Plus, a little goes a long way, so you only need two, maximum three swipes for full coverage. 

The Ingredients: Natural and effective

Once I realized "Hey, this stuff actually works," I went straight to the ingredients list to uncover which non-clean active ingredient was responsible for my fresh-smelling pits. None. Zero. No aluminum, no baking soda, literally nothing you could shake a stick at. Instead, it gets its odor-fighting power from probiotics, which kill body odor-causing bacteria at the source.

I also noticed a host of skin-loving ingredients including glycerin (a natural humectant that binds water to the skin), aloe barbadensis leaf juice, algae extract, and panax ginseng root extract that, should you shave your armpits, would help to soothe and condition skin afterward. In giving this Bravo Sierra Deodorant review the deodorant treatment, I discovered it’s more like skincare for your armpits. 

The Smell: Very high-end for a deodorant

I feel like the scents deserve their share of recognition. Remember when deodorant became fashionable in the 90s and, even though there were more scents to choose from than a perfume counter, they all smelled more or less like Glade? Bravo Sierra deodorant is nothing like that. It’s like they actually took inspiration from a modern fragrance counter with an array of more sophisticated scents. 

  • The Original: Light, woodsy, and masculine.
  • Tonka Bean & Lemon: Zesty and fresh, with a nice earthy undertone. 
  • Citrus & Cedarwood: Warm and refreshing, a total unisex favorite. 
  • Sandalwood & Fig: Green, slightly floral, with an earthy base. 

There’s also an unscented version for those concerned with added fragrance or who don’t want to give their signature fragrance a run for its money. 

The Results: Kept me smelling fresh all day, even after a run

The first one I tried for my Bravo Sierra deodorant review was the Sandalwood & Fig scent, which I applied first thing in the morning after showering onto damp armpits. After a day of working and a six-mile run, I still smelled—and felt—fresh. As it’s not an antiperspirant I still sweat plenty after my run, but there was a noticeable lack of the characteristic “sweat” smell.

The Value: Worth every penny

At $9, this stick is comparable to other natural deodorants on the market—and it's worth every penny. First of all, it works, and it works without any harmful and potentially carcinogenic substances. It’s a feel-good product with myriad benefits for both your body and well-being, and if you’re someone who wants their self-care routine to be as conscientious as possible, this pit swipe is a shoo-in.

Similar Products: You have options

Mother Dirt Probiotic Deodorant: If it’s the probiotic factor you’re after, this Postbiotic Deodorant ($16) from Mother Dirt helps protect your skin’s microbiome while neutralizing body odor. While it may not come in the same delectable range of scents, its lemongrass-inspired fragrance is light and refreshing. 

Corpus Third Rose Natural Deodorant: Now this is a contender if you’re scent-inclined, as Corpus’ Third Rose Natural Deodorant ($24) contains a curated blend of rose, mandarin, and cedar that does double duty, neutralizing odor-causing compounds and leaving behind a delicate, yet slightly exotic fragrance. 

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant in Jasmine Tea: Made especially for sensitive skin, this cult-favorite Natural Deodorant ($10) from Schmidt’s is free from baking soda, aluminum salts, and artificial fragrance, with only a light essence of jasmine tea to waft through your day. 

The Final Verdict

If there’s one thing we can take from our Bravo Sierra Deodorant review, it’s that no matter which scent you choose, you’re getting a product that not only makes you feel great but which you can feel great about. Now when’s the last time you could say that about a deodorant? 


  • Product Name Deodorant
  • Product Brand Bravo Sierra
  • Price $9.00

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