A Hair Colourist Just Said This Surprising Blonde Shade Is Back

Updated 01/27/18
Brassy Blonde Trend: woman looking surprised
Free People

While I'm naturally brunette, I have been completely blonde before. When I did it, I insisted on not being a brassy, yellow blonde. I wanted that platinum colour. I wanted Kim KW. I honestly thought that the whiter blonde look was what everyone wanted, and no one would ever want the yellow blonde-y look. But as usual, the trend we hated a few months ago is now one that everyone's after.

When I attended a new makeup launch at one of London's coolest hair salons, Bleach, I got chatting to co-founder Alex Brownsell who told me that people have been shying away from the cool tones but wanted warmth in their hair. So as well as the rose golds and other reddish tones, there was another big look coming back for blondes that I never expected. Keep scrolling to find out just what that was. (Spoiler: It's blonde, but not as we've seen it in a long time.)

Next up! Hair colour ideas that 2017 can't get enough of.

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