Meet the 10 Best Smoothing Bras for Comfort and Support

There's no shortage of innovative options.

Best Smoothing Bras

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Now that spring is here and the weather is getting warmer by the day, having a set of bras that sit seamlessly under body-skimming pieces and lightweight clothing is vital. While pretty lace and bright colors are fun to show off, it's also good to make sure you have options for when you're wearing a plain white T-shirt or close-fitting top and don't feel like making your undergarment the centerpiece. 

The good news is that many brands understand the widespread demand for bras that balance practicality, comfort, and style, so you're not at all short on choices if you look in the right places. To that end, we've rounded up 10 of the best smoothing bras that will keep you supported while looking (and feeling) like you're wearing almost nothing at all.

Best Wire-Free Smoothing Bra: Floatley

While wired bras are great for when you want to wear them, a properly fitting wire-free version can be so comfortable that it's like you aren't wearing anything—plus, they don't show wire lines underneath your top. Case in point, this wire-free bra from Floatley: the fabric is light, airy, and softer than cotton, but the cups still provide excellent support. It's available in sizes XS-XXL.

Floatley Cozy Adjustable Wire-Free Bra
Floatley Cozy Adjustable Bra $35.00

Best Sleeping Bra: Ruby Ribbon

If you like to sleep in your bra or otherwise need a wider band that won't cut into you, consider giving this option from Ruby Ribbon a try. It's seamless, and the antimicrobial material also provides wicking for all-day comfort on hot summer days. The straps are adjustable and convertible, and though it's wire-free, the stitched binding keeps breasts lifted and supported. The size range runs from 28 to 38.

Ruby Ribbon Second Skin Demiette
Ruby Ribbon Second Skin Demiette $59.00

Best Strapless Bra for Larger Busts: Paramour

Finding a comfortable strapless bra can be nearly impossible, especially if you have a larger bust. Miraculously, this Paramour bandeau checks that box, plus it has straps that allow you to wear it in multiple ways for various wardrobe needs. It's available in sizes 32C to 38DDD, with a few options for those who wear a size 40 band in the mix as well.

Paramour Seamless Lace Bandeau
Paramour Delightful Seamless Lace Bandeau $42.00

Best Bralette for Curvier Figures: On Gossamer

Bralettes are often easy to find for smaller busts, but can be trickier if you need more support. If you've been dealing with this dilemma, give On Gossamer a try: the wider straps don’t cut into flesh, the sling allows for comfortable flexibility, and the four-row hook-and-eye closure keeps everything in place without being restrictive. It's available in sizes XS-L.

On Gossamer Mesh Beautifull Bralette
On Gossamer Mesh Beautifull Bralette $48.00

Best T-Shirt Bra: Le Mystère

The Dream Tisha, Le Mystère's signature T-shirt bra, was launched 15 years ago, and it's since attracted a loyal fanbase (including being listed on Oprah's Favorite Things multiple times). Specifically made to work with larger bust sizes, this smoothing bra offers full coverage, a flexible underwire, and extra-wide wings that keep everything in place. Available in sizes 32-44 C-H.

Le Mystère Dream Tisha Bra
Le Mystère Dream Tisha Bra $69.00

Best Pregnancy Bra: Nuudii System

When you're pregnant, it's essential to have a comfortable bra that accommodates your changing body. The Nuudii Tee System smoothing bra is soft and breathable, feeling almost like a second skin. This formless style cradles your new shape and provides a gentle lift without any hardware. This bra, which you can wear in 12 different ways, is available in sizes XS-LL.

Nuudii System Nuudii Tee System Bra
Nuudii System Nuudii Tee System $44.00

Best Smoothing Bra for Under Tanks: Cosabella

The Cosabella Aire Bralette has thin straps that won’t cut into your skin, fitting smoothly under tank tops. This bra is so comfortable, you'll forget you even have one on. Available in sizes S-L.

Cosabella Aire Bralette
Cosabella Aire Bralette $50.00

Best Nursing Bra: Calvin Klein

This lightly lined bralette from Calvin Klein is designed specifically for pregnancy and nursing needs, but there's a version for non-pregnant or nursing people as well for those who are interested. The soft cotton and cushioned back closure ensure a comfortable wear, and though it's stretchy, it gives you the support you need. The adjustable strap allows you to customize the fit of the bra, which is available in sizes XS-XL.

Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Lightly Lined Nursing Bralette
Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Lightly Lined Nursing Bralette $42.00

Best Side-Smoothing Strapless Bra: Maidenform

Strapless bras are particularly hard to create with comfort, especially since this quality is highly subjective. Enter Maidenform's Side Smoothing Strapless Underwire Bra: it's sleek and invisible under clothing, you can adjust it to wear five ways, and it comes in sizes 34-40 A-DD.

Maidenform Side Smoothing Strapless Underwire Bra
Maidenform Side Smoothing Strapless Underwire Bra $14.00

Best Overall: Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret is famous for its intimate apparel, and the brand was one of the first to master the T-shirt bra. The Studio Collection Wireless Push-Up Pullover Bra is an upgrade to that because, in addition to being smooth, it doesn’t have any hardware or underwire, which means there is nothing to poke at your skin or your clothing. The straight, flat back makes it great for both form-fitting clothing and sheer pieces, and the bra is available in sizes 32-36 C-DDD (F).

Victoria's Secret Studio Collection Wireless Push-Up Pullover Bra
Victoria's Secret Studio Collection Wireless Push-Up Pullover Bra $30.00

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