Every Beauty Product in This Clean Beauty Line Is $3, so I Tried Them



Every beauty lover can relate. You pick up a new tube of mascara here, a lipstick there, and that new cleanser you've been dying to try. You walk up to the checkout only to be violently surprised when you're told that your total amounts to half your biweekly paycheck. I could avoid buying my morning latte for the next week, you think to yourself. I don't really need to order in for dinner on Saturday and Sunday. It's always the same ordeal with us. That's why we love shopping drugstore brands and Sephora sales; it's just a little easier on our wallets that way.

But luckily we have another option when shopping for inexpensive and effective beauty products. Brandless just expanded its existing beauty line, and each product retails for only $3. Yes, seriously, that's it. 

If you don't know about Brandless, it's a company that sells generically packaged beauty products in a direct-to-consumer method, which saves the company money thus driving down the price of the product. At its inception, Brandless started producing inexpensive food and household products, then last year made its foray into beauty with personal care, skincare, and haircare products. (Read about its online grocery store, which also sells its food products for $3 apiece.) The best part is that each product is free from harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients. The company has reportedly banned over 400 common ingredients that could be harmful to our health, like sulfates, parabens, phosphates, synthetic dyes, and fragrances. And you thought clean beauty meant higher prices, didn't you? In an email from the brand, we learned that "brandless believes in better transparency and clarity around what we put in and on our bodies, and that higher standards shouldn’t mean higher price points." Amen.

Curious if a $3 product would work as well as my usual lineup, I tried some of the brand's new launches. 

Up next, take a look at some of our favorite affordable natural beauty products.