Every Skincare Product in This "Brandless" Beauty Line Sells for $3

Photo: Brandless

Every beauty lover can relate. You pick up a new tube of mascara here, a lipstick there, and that new cleanser you've been dying to try. You walk up to the checkout, only to be violently surprised when you're told that your total amounts to half your biweekly paycheck. I could avoid buying my morning latte for the next week, you think to yourself. I don't really need to order in for dinner on Saturday and Sunday. It's always the same ordeal with us. That's why we love shopping drugstore brands and Sephora sales; it's just a little easier on our wallets that way.

Now we have another option when shopping for inexpensive and effective beauty products. According to Refinery29, a new line of products has just launched, and each one priced at only $3. Yes, seriously, that's it. 

The brand is called (get ready) Brandless. It's a company that sells unlabeled beauty products in a direct-to-consumer method, which saves money and helps the pricing of each product to stay incredibly low. The company actually started producing inexpensive food and household products; beauty is just its newest venture. (Read about its online grocery store, which also sells its food products for $3 apiece). The best part is that each product is free from harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients. The company has reportedly banned over 400 common ingredients that could be harmful to our health, like sulfates, parabens, phosphates, synthetic dyes, and fragrances. As the brand's co-founder Tina Sharkey told Refinery29, "the premise behind Brandless was that better products should not be relegated to those who can afford them." 

From bath and body products to skincare, keep scrolling to learn about five products from the line.

Brandless Green Tea & Aloe Moisturizing Shampoo $3

This shampoo combines aloe and green tea to moisturize and nourish, along with rosemary extract, which is known to stimulate hair follicles and provide antioxidant effects. Any type of hair is welcome to use this shampoo (it really is a brand based on creating products for all). It also happens to be cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan.

The Green Tea & Aloe Conditioner ($3) also checks off all of these boxes. Use these products in tandem to moisturize and gently cleanse your hair (even if it's damaged or color-treated). 

Brandless Green Tea & Aloe Body Wash $3

This body wash is 10 fluid ounces, which is a pretty good amount when it only costs $3, right? Green tea and aloe moisturize, cleanse, and nourish. The real star of the show is tea tree oil, which has a natural antibacterial quality to it. 

Brandless Grapefruit Facial Cleanser $3

The packaging, just like the formulations of the brand, is simple and chic. Something about this cleanser in particular gives off a certain je ne sais quoi. The ingredients don't hurt either. It's formulated with grapefruit extract, and it lathers up to strip your skin of dirt, oil, and makeup without leaving it raw or irritated. 


Brandless Body Lotion $3

This body lotion pairs the brand's green tea and aloe blend with safflower oil, which happens to be a natural nourishing and antioxidizing ingredient. We'll be stocking up on this since it's only $3. We can lather it on dry skin all fall and winter long without that end-of-bottle dread that comes from finishing up other luxury lotions. This one is lightly aloe-scented, though if you're more of a fragrance-free person, try the Unscented Body Lotion ($3). 

Brandless Green Tea & Aloe Shave Gel $3

This shave gel promises to rid your skin of post-shave irritation, cuts, and razor burn (which, let's be honest, is the most annoying part about shaving). Lather it on before you run the razor across your skin, and the seaweed extract will nourish and soothe. 

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