8 Cool and Easy-to-Pull-Off Braids for Short Hair

No matter how long or short your hair is, braids always make a major impression, highlighting your hair's natural texture and color while masking any signs of a bad hair day—no washing or heat-styling necessary. And isn't that kind of the ultimate hair dream? Maximizing our manes with minimal effort yet winding up with a finished result that looks so much better than when we begrudgingly woke up this morning?

That said, there's a common misconception that braids only work for medium-length to long hair, keeping those of us with short hair via bobs, lobs, and pixies from fulfilling our full braided potential. So we've made it our personal mission to dispel that myth. Below, we've collected some major short-braid inspiration—eight pretty visions of proof that demonstrate girls with short hair don't have to sacrifice style and beautifully braided polish. Keep scrolling for eight inspiring braids for short hair to try ASAP this season. (Trust us, these can remedy even the most stubborn of bad hair days!)