You Need to Try This Life-Changing Braid Hack

Updated 09/08/17

Braids are like the cat eye of hair: They're timeless, versatile, ultra-pretty… and really easy to mess up. But for those of us who avoid plaits either out of time constraints or to evade inevitable frustration, we've tracked down a genius hack that eliminates all of the above. In a video posted to her Facebook page earlier this week, beauty blogger Makeup Kimi takes a curious approach to a woven updo: She begins the braid underneath her chin, which we figured might have something to do with Halloween rapidly approaching. But then she promptly floors us by grabbing hold of her braid and flipping it backward over her face and the crown of her head, resulting in the most foolproof braided 'do we've ever encountered. Oh, and it takes all of 30 seconds.

But don't just take our word for it—see the tutorial in action below.


After taking a stab at it ourselves, we can confirm that this trick really does work—though not without a couple of pointers to (definitely) keep in mind. For starters, your hair needs to be at least a couple inches longer than shoulder-length to really get decent results. As you can see, she also does a reverse–french braid, boxer-braid style, so that when she flips it over, it's just a regular french. All this entails is weaving each piece of hair under the center piece, rather than over. If you have ultra-fine hair that slips out easily, give it some grip with a lightweight hairspray, like Tresemmé's Tres Two Ultra Fine Mist ($4).

Finally—and this is perhaps the most essential tip—to avoid strangling yourself with your own hair (and/or knocking out your nose piercing, as may or may not have happened in my case), don't braid it too tightly underneath your chin. Leave about as much space as you think will be necessary to then pull an entire head of hair over the profile of your face. Shockingly, this isn't exactly instinctual, so it may take some practice.

But worth it if it means we can craft a pretty updo in under a minute! The online beauty community is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Have you tried this yet? Give it a go and report back! 

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