A Step-by-Step Dutch Braid Tutorial Even Beginners Can Handle

Once upon a time, the term “Dutch braids” was not even in our vocabulary, but that feels like a lifetime ago. Now Dutch braids have become a cool-girl staple—the It braid you need in your hairstyle repertoire (the Kardashians are huge fans). There’s only one issue: They’re not exactly intuitive. How many times have you started with the intention of creating Dutch braids and halfway through realized you’re actually just French-braiding. No more. We called in L.A.’s most in-demand hair guru, Anh Co Tran (he’s the one responsible for those perfectly imperfect beach waves you see all over Instagram) to show precisely how it’s done—step by step. And we spared no detail.

Scroll through to see how easy it is to do Dutch braids.