5 Box Braid Styles to Wear This Summer

Updated 10/04/17

Antonia Opiah is the founder of Un-ruly, a hair and beauty blog that celebrates the diversity and beauty of black hair and women. Un-ruly provides a single space for everything from style tips to product recs, all while celebrating and promoting a discussion on women and the black community. Here Antonia gives us a look at one of her favorite hairstyles for the summer: box braids.

Summer is on its way, and you know what that means—it’s time for adventurous vacays and long days outdoors. When you’re soaking up the sun this summer, your hair should be the last thing on your mind. That’s why you should consider rocking one of the most versatile and practical black hairstyles out there: box braids. I’m a huge fan of box braids and have even made my own in-depth box braid style guide. I love them because I’m a hair minimalist, which basically means I like to do as little as possible to my hair. Braids are also a protective style and are conducive to athletic activities—from swimming to dancing the night away. If having an active, worry-free summer is what you’re currently daydreaming about, consider these five styles this summer.

Box braid styles
Olaj Arel

The box-braid bob has been making a comeback as of late and is an excellent choice if you live somewhere particularly hot. Have fun with the look by choosing a vibrant color or adding hair jewels.

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Thin braids come with two major perks. To begin, your hair is braided, so it’s protected and free from manipulation. Second, thin braids give the appearance of actual loose hair. Top this look off with a floppy summer hat for a little drama.

Peter Stigter

If you love braids but don’t love them always framing your face, show the world your incredible bone structure by plaiting them into one high or low giant braid.

Sam Chang-Gardner

Another way to “give good face” is to pile your tresses up into a bun. A loose style will give you a laid-back boho look.

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Up? Down? If you just can’t decide, go for the classic half-and-half look. Again, the beauty of box braids is that you can pretty much do anything with them without much fuss.

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What’s your favorite way to style box braids for summer?

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