8 Botox Replacements Plastic Surgeons Don't Want You to Know About

For some, a Botox treatment is as routine as a haircut. No judgment here, but if there's a less invasive, less paralyzing way to reverse the signs of aging, we'll take it. But to be fair, Botox isn't necessarily always the face-freezing treatment you'd imagine it to be, according to dermatologist Dr. Karen Stolman. "Often, there is still some movement, permitting the treatment to look more natural and help you avoid the frozen look," she says. Regardless, the best-case scenario would be the freedom to make facial expressions while also looking years younger, right?

While Botox is quite effective at hiding frown lines and crow's-feet, if you're diligent with your skincare, you can forgo the $300–$500 price tag of a Botox session and take matters into your own hands while yielding similar results. What are these Botox-replacing products, you say? We asked some of the top skin experts in the biz to share their picks. Ahead, you'll find some of the best fountains of youth, sans injections. Keep on scrolling!

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