True Story: I Got Botox to Help Fix My Posture

About an hour before my first-ever Botox consultation at GoodSkin, the L.A. anti-aging clinic known for its "untouched" approach to injectables, I mournfully looked at our editorial calendar before deleting a future story titled "Natural TMJ Remedies That Worked for Me." This rough headline had been pushed again and again for months as I exhaustedly tried to address the chronic tension in my jaw—ultimately to no avail. I was bummed, to be sure, that after months of self-massage, aromatherapy, and tackling the source of my stress in meaningful ways, I hadn't found the noninvasive solution I was looking for. At the same time, though the prospect of getting Botox in my jaw was my Hail Mary, I had a sneaking suspicion that it would be the technique that would finally give me the relief I craved.

So I found myself sitting opposite Lauren Pack at GoodSkin as she expertly ran her fingers along my jaw and chin, noting the anatomy of my face, before lobbing a question that seemed only slightly out of left field. "Do you have any issues with your posture?" she asks. I laughed in response because my perpetually slumped shoulders might be even more irksome than my stiff jaw.

"I can give you jaw Botox," she said. "But I'd like to put some in your neck as well." I sat there, riveted, as she explained that by dosing my neck, she'd prevent those muscles from overcompensating for my jaw, something that could actually worsen my so-called "text neck." What was more, she said, was that it would encourage me to shift that work to my core muscles and pull my shoulders back, correcting my posture and even potentially giving my abs a nice workout in the process. "So in a way, you could almost say that Botox can give you a toned stomach," she half-joked.

My intrigue took over and I wasted no time in making a follow-up appointment. Two weeks later, I was sitting in the exact same chair, wincing slightly as Pack plunged syringes into my jaw and then my neck and finally my shoulders.