So, We Just Blew Our Pay Cheque at This Amazing Clean Beauty Store

Updated 09/28/18

If clean, holistic, high-vibrational beauty is your thing, then boy do we have news for you. Bond Clean Beauty is a new, Australian online store that sells a curation of the finest in clean beauty. Founded by makeup artist Clare McGrowdie, Bond Clean Beauty features a luxurious edit of high-performing natural beauty brands that are otherwise hard to find here in Australia. Think non-toxic but effective deodorants, plant-based facial oils, and bath soaks designed to melt muscle tension and soothe the soul. The e-boutique is up and running, and if you're located in Sydney, and bricks-and-mortar store is coming to Paddington later this year. 

Overwhelmed? Start by shopping our edit below. 

In Fiore Calm Facial Oil Concentrate $129

If you have dry, irritated, sensitive skin, this heavenly serum calms and soothes naturally. It's great for allergy-affected skin, and impaired barrier functioning. 

Pursoma Digital Detox Bath Soak $54

This soak is bliss after long days spent hunched over your laptop. Seal salt and clay work to draw out free radicals, and soothe tension in your neck and shoulders. Best paired with tea, and a good candle. 

Agent Nateur Holistick Deodorant Sensitive $37

This vegan formula uses a blend of coconut oil, arrowroot powder, and essential oils to gently prevent body odor, minus the chemicals. It doesn't leave a greasy white film all over your clothes like so many other natural formulas do, too. 

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