Boho Locs Is the Best Brand of Crochet Locs I've Ever Tried, Hands Down

The quality is unmatched.

Boho Locs | Design by Chloe Jeong.

Like many others, I’ve always been a fan of dreadlocks and other loc styles but have never wanted to fully take the plunge and start a dreadlock journey with my own hair. Instead, I’ve enjoyed wearing faux locs, which are installed using the crochet method. It works well for me because I can have the look of locs with all of the perks of a protective style, like with box braids

During my early exploration days, I ordered hair from Aliexpress, where I usually get my weave bundles, and even Amazon for crochet locs. The quality from both online retailers was surprisingly efficient, but I wanted something higher quality and a bit more unique after a while.

One day after my amazing Black woman hairstylist finished installing a beautiful faux locs crochet for me, she suggested I try a unique and popular online retailer specializing in crochet faux locs, and I was instantly hooked (pun intended). That retailer was none other than Boho Locs. I was quickly fan-girling over the variety of colors and color combinations they offered. The variety and quality Boho Locs offers isn't what you find through other online retailers or even in stores.

The Hair

Woman with blonde ombre faux locs and brown leather tank top


The brand’s gorgeous bohemian locs are available in several styles that include the Boho Short Bob, the Goddess, Xtra Goddess, Queen, Twists, Mermaid, Beach, Distressed, and Empress. 

While I plan to try out several styles, I was immediately drawn to the Mermaid Locs, which come in 17 colors and two lengths, including 22 inches and bob length. I selected 22 inches in the color "Lit," a powdery ash brown that turns into dirty blonde and then ends with a bright platinum blonde for a bright and radiant finish. 

This was my first time trying Boho Locs, and I appreciated how fast they shipped, plus the packaging was sleek and protected the hair. They aren’t stingy with the included loc accessories, either. Plus, the quality and designs are impressive. I enjoyed adding the brand's accessories in addition to my own to the locs.

Upon first inspection, the hair is soft to the touch, has no chemical or factory smell, and has a texture reminiscent of real locs. It’s very natural-looking despite the unique colors, and it offers buildable volume depending on if you want to use the entire pack or go for a more subtle look.

My Install Experience 

Woman with long, twisting golden brown faux locs with gold accent


The website advertises that it takes less than two hours to install the hair, which seems doable, but it took my hairstylist a little longer than that to install. However, it’s important to remember that the time may vary depending on the person, stylist, hair, and other factors, just like most protective style installations. 

The installation experience was pretty typical. One bonus with this hair is that it's pre-looped for easy crochet installation. I got mine with individual locs around the perimeter to create a more natural look, but there are seemingly endless ways to install them. Pierre actually offers a tutorial on installing it on your own head on YouTube, which is a great resource. 

After my hair was installed, the fun began. As with most protective styles, I had a sigh of relief that I didn’t have to worry about doing late-night twist-outs on my natural hair. But, unlike with other protective styles, I couldn’t stop looking at the distinct colors in my locs.

The colors complemented my melanated skin, and the softness of the hair felt very natural. I felt relieved to be supporting a Black woman-owned business that in turn supported me with some bomb locs, too.

The hair is a successful protective style for water, both when washing and at the beach. It looks better as it ages as long as the loose wave hair, which comes in the package to be optionally paired with the locs, doesn’t get tangled. 

I slept with a bonnet every other night to make sure the loose wave hair didn't tangle and avoided using all of the loose wave hairs during the first install, so I can replace the older ones as they wear down a bit. 

The Feel: Lightweight All Day 

Woman with bedazzled eye makeup and blonde faux loc ponytail hairstyle


I've never had any synthetic hair this lightweight, and I’ve been rocking box braids since I was about seven years old. When I first got my Boho Locs installed, I couldn’t stop touching them. 

All of the hair is made of 100% kanekelon fiber. The locs feel naturally soft, like human hair. When I’m exercising, I don’t feel like my faux locs are grossly damp and heavy. And when I’m at the beach, I can run around freely without my hairstyle literally holding me down.

Even with a combination of loc accessories added to the hair, there’s nothing dense-feeling about this hair except for the look. I’m eager to try the 30-inch locs next time and see if they have the same lightweight feel.

The Value: A Little More Expensive Than Average

It’s true: Most people don't usually spend $177 on their synthetic crochet locs. Typically, they'll dish out something like $36 for 4 packs of hair. When I'm not too concerned about achieving a certain look with my protective style, I also enjoy using more affordable hair.

However, Boho Locs are worth every penny for those who want to achieve an exceptional faux locs look. Unfortunately, the cheaper faux locs may be created under poor working conditions in factories, smell horrible, and only last a month or so before needing to be thrown away and replaced.

Boho Locs are worth their cost for their quality and summer-ready charm alone, but the fact that they’re easily reusable makes them a good investment.

The Final Verdict 

Woman with long faux locs in half-bun hairstyle and blue winged eyeliner


Boho Locs deserve a lot of love, especially during the summer. Every pack of faux locs is made with Black women in mind. The fact that they're handmade, available in custom colors, and boast top-notch quality makes them stand out among all other brands. It’s safe to say that generically processed synthetic crochet locs are a style. But, Boho Locs are way more than that. 

Boho Locs are available online exclusively at with free shipping on all orders over $100.

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