These 7 New Wave Body Products Have a Cult Following

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While it's safe to say the majority of the beauty industry is centered around the face, a new wave of bodycare products has emerged. Not only are they clean, green, and cruelty-free, but the brands who made these products have intentionally put wellness at the forefront of their mission statements. Moments of stillness, grounding, and self-care are prioritized alongside efficacy and results.

Sure, it's true the millennial-focused market is saturated, especially when it comes to preaching about commodified "wellness." That said, a brand prioritizing ritual at the formulation stage of a product is quite different than using self-care as a marketing strategy. The ingredients in each one of these product, as well as the actual process of using them, has been linked to mental and mood-boosting benefits. Below are the best new-wave body products on the market.

bathing culture
Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash $20.00

The brand's perfectly groovy Instagram feed aside, Bathing Culture's Mind and Body Wash ($20) is a real hit with the wellness set. And it's no surprise: The northern California-based brand is based in environmental activism. Bottles are made from 100 percent post-recycled material and Bathing Culture has pledged to use absolutely no new plastic. Not ever. This body wash is organic, biodegradable, and concentrated, so a bottle lasts longer than most. Oh, and it smells camphorous—giving a whole new meaning to forest bathing.

3rd ritual moon
3rd Ritual Moon Botanical Body Lotion $32.00

3rd Ritual is one of the most beloved wellness brands based in New York City. So, when it recently released a new kind of product offering, followers took notice. The botanical body lotion was formulated by founder Jenn Tardif, an aromatherapist, for its grounding, calming, and sleep-inducing benefits. Moon smells like the drenched ground after summer rainstorm—a scent so striking a moment of pause is inevitable upon application. It's blue, courtesy of detoxifying charcoal and moonstone, and works to achieve both physical and energetic cleansing respectively.

fur bath drops
Fur Bath Drops $34.00

Encased in seaweed-derived bubble casing, Fur's new bath drops hold its signature oil blended with other skin-nourishing ingredients (including red seaweed and clary sage, jojoba, and grapeseed oils). This is an expansion for the brand, as it's known to serve pubic, underarm, and other body hair—whether you remove it or not. Now, they're working on your whole body. These drops are an elegant, travel-friendly alternative to bath bombs and liquid oils, bringing relaxation to the mind and body anywhere you can find a bathtub.

floral study still oil
Floral Study Still Oil $48.00

Designed for quiet moments the after shower (or bath), Floral Study's Still Oil ($48) smells herbaceous and calming with notes of lavender, patchouli, and vetiver. The formula is fast-absorbing, designed to ease feelings of stress and anxiety, and boasts anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Plus, the brand makes mindful choices when sourcing ingredients—selecting certified organic and non-GMO whenever possible.

superlative body balm
Nature of Things Superlative Body Balm $75.00

A potent combination of arnica, turmeric, ginger, and boswellia (frankincense from India), this buttery formula helps to assuage pain and discomfort from sore muscles and joints. The smell is bright and invigorating, creating soothing tingling on your skin. Blended together with hydrating jojoba and shea butter, this balm is meant to breathe life into sore muscles, yes, but also instill calmness and comfort to a tired mind and entire body.

esker clarifying body wash
Esker Clarifying Body Wash $28.00

Anytime I'm asked for easy ways to make a routine more clean, my first suggestion is to swap out all bodycare products: lotions, washes, oils, and sunscreens. Approximately 90 percent of your skin is not on your face, so opting for natural soaps, oils, and washes has a big impact. Esker references this fact on its website and offers products by body skin type. They even have a quiz to find out, since body skin isn’t often top of mind for the average consumer. This clarifying wash is a gentle antidote for body breakouts and anxiety with lavender, chamomile, and rose geranium. 

kahina moroccan beldi soap
Kahina Moroccan Rose Beldi Soap $46.00

Created with Moroccan hammams in mind, Kahina’s Moroccan Rose Beldi Soap ($46) and Kessa Mitt deliver shockingly soft skin by way of a gentle (but thorough) physical exfoliation. The soap is pretty gooey on its own, but creates an ideal emulsion when paired with the mitt. The ritual itself is invigorating, as it helps to stimulate lymph nodes and slough off dry skin. Pro tip: You can also use the mitt (which is imported directly from Morocco) as a dry brush when traveling.

FYI: These body products make us feel better naked.

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