How Celebs Slim Down ASAP Before Events

There are a few natural responses that may occur when someone you just met is wrapping you from head to toe in a space blanket–like material. You might have the urge to scream for help, or at least question all of your life decisions leading up to this point. You mostly likely won’t take a deep breath and close your eyes, willing yourself to relax and enjoy the process—that is, unless you’re getting a body wrap. A slimming and supposedly detoxifying spa treatment, this under-the-radar practice has been used by celebs and average women for ages to slim down and tighten up before big events. Body wrappers like Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham tout a multitude of beauty benefits, from reduced sun damage and keratosis pilaris to smoother, tighter skin. Curious, I stopped by Arcona Studios in Santa Monica for one of its famed body wraps, a 50-minute treatment that is supposed to “cleanse, detoxify, disperse fatty acids, and restore elasticity.” All things that I want in my life—and if I had to be wrapped up like a newborn babe and left alone in a dark room for almost an hour to achieve it, then so be it.

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