Treat Your Body Like Your Face: 6 In-Office Treatments With Real-Time Results

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: It's time we begin taking care of the skin on our bodies with the same fervor we use when our faces are involved. And dermatologists agree. "Our bodies are like the forgotten, distant cousins of our faces," says David Colbert, MD, of New York Dermatology. "We have to remember they are aging as fast (or faster) than our faces. Therefore, we need to moisturize, wear sun protection, etc."

The "etc." here is, of course, body treatments. Just as the pros recommend you invest in a facial each month, the same goes for your body. Imagine for a moment you treated your face like you do your body: Washing it whenever you shower and only moisturizing when you remember to do so. It's a scary thought. 

Rachel Nazarian, MD, of Schweiger Dermatology in NYC agrees: "It's easy to neglect your body now, but you're going to care about it later. It's better to preserve your skin now than repair damaged and aged skin down the line. Additionally, cosmetic work on the body is typically more invasive and expensive—so it's best not to overlook these areas when you're applying preventative products (like sunscreen) and reparative products (like retinol)." She adds, "Keep in mind that the most common area for women to get melanoma skin cancer is on the legs, not on the face. So even from a completely medical perspective, it's incredibly important to include the rest of the body in your daily skincare regimen."

Now the question remains: Where do we start? Beefing up your skincare routine is the first step (we list our favorite body products here), and the next is taking a look at in-office treatments. Whether they're performed at a spa or in a dermatologist's office, they're important. You just have to narrow down your biggest concerns and plan accordingly. Below, find treatments we've tried, lusted after, been recommended, or found based off of immaculate reviews.