11 Body Advocates Share Their Secrets for Silencing the Haters

Talking about self-love and body positivity is important, but actually succeeding at embodying it, especially in a culture that still values thin, cellulite-free (virtually impossible) bodies, is the real challenge. Deleterious messages about women's bodies continue to come at us from every direction, whether it's social media trolls leaving cruel comments, fake friends saying passive-aggressive things in real life, or self-hatred emerging from within. Gaining the confidence to overcome internal and external negativity is the ultimate goal, but it doesn't happen overnight. It takes intention, tools, and constant practice and maintenance to get there. 

Self-image is something every Byrdie editor struggles with, so in an effort to help work through it, we decided to reach out to a few women who seem to be doing a really good job at finding and utilizing those confidence-boosting tools. We got in touch with 11 body-positive advocates who talk about their self-love journeys on the internet every day, expertly fighting off both online and real-life haters in the process, and asked them to share their best advice.

A writer named Hannah Brencher once said, "The best gift you are ever going to give someone [is] the permission to feel safe in their own skin." Consider this list of stories and secrets from 11 body-positive advocates that permission, granted.