Byrdie Approved: These Are the Best Lotions for Dry Skin

Among the numerous woes of winter—which include cold weather, perpetual gray skies, and rampant cold and flu viruses—lies a particularly annoying and common occurrence. We're talking about dry skin. Not only does it look, ahem, less than flattering, but it can also cause itchiness and irritation, which is even worse.

Now that it's December and temperatures are dropping, we feel as if the air is slowly sucking the hydration from our skin. So we've stocked up on the hydrating face masks, serums, and night creams. But what about the rest of our skin? After all, caring for everything from the neck up isn't exactly a well-rounded or super-effective skincare routine. That's why we put together a master list of the 11 body lotions that are most beloved by Byrdie editors. They've worked for us, and we're thinking they'll work for you too.

Kiehl's Creme de Corps Body Moisturizer
Kiehl's Creme de Corps Body Moisturizer $11

This body lotion strikes a balance between being moisturizing and non-greasy (which is kind of the goal, no?). The cream easily sinks into ur skin thanks to shea butter and sesame oil. It also includes beta-carotene for a kick of antioxidants because why not?

Woodlot Amour Lotion
Woodlot Amour Lotion $22

This rosy hydrating lotion makes it easy to go without perfume. The first two ingredients are purified water and sunflower seed oil. Cocoa butter, olive, and MCT oil follow close behind. Finally, you'll see rose Damask essential oil and black pepper essential oil round out the ingredients list.

Votre Vu Tarte D'Amande Lotion
Votre Vu Tarte D'Amande Lotion $28

This Parisian body lotion is perfect for winter. It's made with a mix of richly moisturizing ingredients like tropical nut oils—including macadamia, almond, and coconut—grapeseed oil, aloe, and shea butter. It's also scented like almond pie, which might sound strange, but it's genuinely amazing.

The Honest Company Unscented Face and Body Lotion
The Honest Company Unscented Face and Body Lotion $9

For all of us who prefer an unscented formula every now and then (or always), this one from Jessica Alba's company, The Honest Co., is a good option. It's baby-skin-gentle and gives an instant wash of hydration. Because it's more lightweight than other lotions on this list, it's a great product to mix with body oil for those times our skin is super dry.

Kos Paris Crème Fine aux 3 Thés Body Cream
Kos Paris Crème Fine aux 3 Thés Body Cream $75

KOS is a French skincare brand that made its stateside debut earlier this year. The company's line of skincare is luxurious and effective. It also looks super chic sitting on our vanities. This body cream is moisturizing and anti-aging thanks to white, green, and red tea. Apricot oil and shea butter sink into the skin leaving no film behind. We're kind of obsessed. (Just be warned, if you don't like fragrance, you probably won't like the rich vanilla and floral notes we get from this formula.)

Nubian Heritage Coconut & Papaya Lotion
Nubian Heritage Coconut & Papaya Lotion $13

If winter is not your thing, reach for this tropical-scented body lotion, which smells like (you guessed it) coconut and papaya. The former is super moisturizing and the latter is chock-full of vitamin c. Plus, papaya has natural exfoliating properties which helps to increase cell turnover.

Basd Invigorating Mint Body Lotion
Basd Invigorating Mint Body Lotion $25

Here's your new favorite cruelty-free and plant-derived body lotion. It's also paraben-free and non-GMO. In fact, it earned a perfect score on Think Dirty, which is a platform that ranks beauty ingredients based on their safety and gentleness (it's similar to the GoodGuide app, which is informative and awesome and highly recommended). 

Glossier Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream
Glossier Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream $22

If dullness has got you down, try this lotion from our favorite Millennial Pink brand, Glossier. It's hydrating and non-greasy. Plus, the coolest part of this formula is the tiny light-reflecting particles inside. They make the skin look glowy and radiant without looking glittery. 

Kenzo Sensual Bare Body Cream
Kenzoki Sensual Bare Body Cream $48

The texture of this body lotion is as luxurious as the price. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin with rice plant essence, belle de nuit, cupuaçu butter, and fig. It's inspired by Japanese beauty rituals and is softly scented like steamed rice (in other words, it's another great option for people who don't tend to like traditional floral scented lotions).

Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Body Lotion
Lubiderm Advanced Therapy Body Lotion $7

As far as we're concerned, you can't beat this lotion for the price. It has vitamin E and B5 along with skin essential lipids to soothe dryness and irritation almost instantly. The results last, too. Even our driest skin, like on our elbows and heels, only requires one application a day.

Grown Alchemist Mandarin and Rosemary Leaf Body Cream
Grown Alchemist Mandarin and Rosemary Leaf Body Cream $67

Grown Alchemist is a naturally sourced and botanically based beauty brand that makes some seriously amazing products. In this lotion particularly, expect to see mandarin, rosemary, jojoba, rosehip oil, wheat germ, and aloe on the ingredients list. It's organic and hydrating and lovely.

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