9 Women Share the Songs That Make Them Feel Most Confident in Their Bodies

Our thoughts feel impossible to control sometimes. The state of mind you're in today may change tomorrow (mine changes by the minute), and that's 100% okay. How we think about our bodies and our lives fluctuates frequently. However, the beauty of life is to feel all of these feelings, accept that they are valid, and lean on positive forces to help you along the way, like music.

The mood-boosting powers of music are truly magical. You feel a type of way, and then you vibe out to one of your favorite songs and allow the beat and the lyrics to take you to a different place. This is why music is linked to so of your many memories. No matter what point you're at in your mind at this very moment, remember the power of a good melody, which will always be there. Below, nine women share the songs they turn to to unleash their self-confidence and bring on the fun times. Hopefully, your headphones are nearby.