A Body-Positive Activist's Recreation of KKW's Perfume Pics

Updated 09/17/19

We all know that seeing Kim Kardashian West's naked body is nothing new. Girlfriend's got a bod, and she loves to show it off. To promote her KKW perfume, she dropped a slew of nude photos on the internet and then molded her exact body into her latest perfume bottle. Teen Vogue reports that in an interview with E! News, Kim explained the reason behind her nude fragrance campaign: "Honestly, I spent the last eight to 10 months fully working out with my trainer," she said. "I swear I've never been in better shape than I am now. So why not, you know?" As you can presume, this photo sparked conversations on social media surrounding body standards.

KKW Body Ad
KKW Body

Instead of falling under the trap of comparison, body activist and YouTuber Carmen Rene took this time as an opportunity to spread love and body acceptance. She placed KKW's original campaign photo in a side-by-side series next to three photos of her body where she re-created the shot using the same hand placement and pose. 

Carmen Rene Recreation

Her caption reads: "One of these bodies, a large part of our society will deem as 'perfect.' My body is empowered by the opportunity to share a different reality. PERFECT: 'having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.' Stop striving to be perfect because guess what, you are there! What a beautiful definition. Today, at this very moment my body is as good as it possibly can be. I can't change it today, and tomorrow it may be different, it will still be perfect. There is no body better than the next. There is no one body that is 'perfect.' There is your body, unique, worthy, desirable and perfect. All bodies are good bodies."

Carmen Rene Posing Outside

Her photo has since gone viral with over 4000 shares and 200 comments full of gratitude. This is a message that everyone needs to hear. As a woman who has struggled with body image standards for years, I think it's so refreshing to see women are speaking up about loving their bodies and celebrating ourselves just the way we are.

Carmen Rene Gym Selfie

"For years, I would look at other women's bodies and claim theirs was 'the perfect body,'" Rene told Byrdie. "It would make me feel like my body would never be good enough until I looked like them. When I made it a practice to stop comparing my body to others two years ago, it made the world of difference. Still, the word 'perfect' kept popping into my head as I stared at Kim's curvy body. To my delight, I found the following definition of the word perfect: 'having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.' I think that definition is beautiful. When we see all bodies through this idea of perfection, it's clear to me we are all perfect." 

Carmen Rene Bikini Image

"This isn't about seeking attention or shaming different body types," Rene says. "My response and my overall mission is to share my message of body acceptance—for all bodies, not just those deemed 'acceptable' by society and the media. Fat bodies are often misunderstood and scrutinized. I aim to normalize bodies like mine so we can start having meaningful dialogue and move past the overplayed 'all fat people are unhealthy' and 'she's glorifying obesity' lines." 

Carmen Rene Walking Down Beach

Remember to honor yourself wherever you are in your journey with your body. As Rene emphasizes, the "perfect body" is defined by you, not anyone else or society's made-up standards. 

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