How to Use Bobby Pins in Weird Yet Ingenious Ways

They’re not new or flashy, and they don’t contain any buzzy ingredients or require a charge to get the job done. Bobby pins are just bobby pins. Like paper clips, bobby pins are refreshingly simple, and they’ve changed very little since their origin. Like red lipstick or a black cat eye, they prove that sticking with the classics is unfailingly chic. After all, bobby pins have been an integral part of women’s beauty routines for generations. What other beauty tool can say the same?

With that being said, it’s easy to ignore innovation for tradition. Many women, us included, were blind to the myriad uses for these ubiquitous little pins. In fact, we would go so far as to say they’re the most underrated beauty multitasker out there. If you think they’re only good for taming flyaways and keeping your bun in place, you’re in for a huge awakening. Keep reading to learn how to use bobby pins!